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anonymus123 07-18-2011 11:08 AM


Just an update on s.a.d

Finding it really difficult to talk to friends I haven't seen in a year or two. I just feel like im really boring them, as if im and uninteresting person and I honestly feel like that sometimes. I dont feel like I have many passions or hobbies. Yeah i like design and playing my piano but for the most time they are singular activities as my psychiatrist says :/

I also feel really judged when you havent seen someone for a while. You being to tell them what you do at college etc but it feel laborious. When people say to me what have you been up to I just say nothing much because i dont want people to judge what ive been doing (rarely nothing). but by saying nothing much im disjointing the conversation and it becomes awkward

ah i dont know, but im really struggling since breaking up for summer. I feel quite isolated and desperate to get back and get the social-ness going again, :? (if possible). Summer is always seen to be social event where everyone gets together. but for me its adds a ton of problems

Ok rant over


iamnotaghost 07-18-2011 12:29 PM

I feel the exact same way.

I've cut off many old friends because I didn't like the feeling that they were judging me -- making me feel like I was supposed to have accomplished more.

But I've had some friends who actually did judge me like this. A guy I used to "love" pretty much belittled me because I don't party or club. Another so-called friend said that I hadn't gone anywhere or done anything because I went to college in our hometown and didn't go away for school (I stayed because of my family, mostly).

The great part is realizing so many people are like us -- we accomplish stuff by simply doing something that goes against our SAD. Or we write or read. We have our own life landmarks. Heck, just managing a conversation with one person is an accomplishment for me. Just making it through work without a panic attack is an accomplishment.

Really, what do people expect us to have accomplished since they saw us last? Life doesn't have to follow the same path of dating, marriage, children, good job, etc.

anonymus123 07-18-2011 12:51 PM

Same here, I dont go clubbing , cause i cant cope with it and so many people have just left because they think im boring because of it. I just wish i could enjoy things without worrying or being paranoid. but no-one understands just how it effects you

I used to be like that too. It was hard enough just to talk to 1 person as you said.

Haha true! :)



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