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For me, day-after-day, I feel like I have accomplished nothing. I feel so lazy when compared to the rest of society. Most people go to work/school all day, participate in extra activities after work/school and on the weekends and just seem to go from one thing to the next.

I envy this lifestyle in a way, but I am just too unmotivated to do much, even things I want to do. I really beat myself up for being lazy, but is this common in SA (lack of motivation seemingly equating to laziness)?

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I have the same problem.
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This is common in my SA. Maybe in others, as well.

There is something to be said about non-doing. There is a way to appreciate and be grateful for life by not doing anything. Often we only feel good about ourselves when we accomplish something important to us or do something fun. It's like joy or happiness is dependent on doing something. And so we can become addicted to chasing "nice" emotions. I forget sometimes that when we slow down, that's still good, too, because it can be a time for more contemplation or a time to relax and not think that much. There are some mindfulness practices that talk about this, like paying attention to the breath.

On a more practical level, it can be helpful to notice the comparisons we make between our lives and others. Comparing ourselves to others is not helpful. If we can focus on things that we value, we can do things to pursue our values (instead of working towards improving how others perceive us). Also, labeling ourselves as lazy is not helpful. If we want to just "be" and not "do", then that's OK.

Another practical note is that when my energy is low, it helps to do some exercises. It's weird that when I have low energy, I don't feel like exercising. But exercise is helpful to get more energy. I'd have thoughts like, "I'll exercise when I have more energy." That's in my head, but in the real world, it's the opposite: I'll have more energy after I exercise.
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I naturally have the same problem. I combat by making commitments that i have to life up to, even if i don't want to; leads to a lot of close calls but its worth it in my opinion. It gets really bad during the summer when i'm off from school. I spend most of my summer days just laying in bed, rolling around, and watching tv i don't care for. I even avoid doing simple fun things, like i'll be too lazy to turn a video game on lol.

It's also good to plan things for the morning. Just one simple activity early in the morning that you HAVE to do will kick start a day of productivity. Once you get going, you keep going like inertia, even if nothing is planned later on in the day.

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I'm quite lazy and unmotivated, when it comes to finding a job or trying to make a conversation and anything else.

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Yeah, me too. It makes it even worst if you spend your time at home isolated most of the time. I'm not even motivated to dedicate time to my interests or to do things that I know has to get done. It's way worse during the summertime for me.

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