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turns out everything cause ****ing anxiety
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Originally Posted by strelok View Post
And I would like to add that everyone who just goes into defense mode "don't take away my fapping and porn please! your theories are wrong!!!!" without even trying it himself deserves his SA. And deserves it to experience even worse.
But who would have NO motivation to try such a simple thing.. hm?
Or could it be that the low motivation comes from low dopamine?
And why do you masturbate at all? Could it be that you are addicted to it, and therefore don't want to (or better: CAN'T) stop it?
Tell me please. Because we all know that low motivation, low confidence, addictional behaviour.. etc. are all NOT related to dopamine,, right? oh wait..
I masturbate because it feels good.

It's so awesome that you are telling people if they masturbate they deserve a mental illness though! I know you did a good experiment and had control factors and tested many hypotheses to come to this conclusion....oh, wait :\

It's such a natural behavior ingrained in us that fetuses in the womb masturbate, which is great because we can take the nurture right out of any argument and comfortably attribute it to nature.

Too legit to quit.
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A friend of mine said it definitely changes his mentality when he is out. He is more engaged with others when he is out, because he hasn't just jacked off to better looking women at home the last 3 days.
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Regular masturbation lowers your chances of prostate cancer. That is proven fact.
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masturbation is fine, problematic masturbation or sex obsession causes all kinds of problems mainly with focusing but also can contribute to anxiety/depression. But as long as you don't do it that often, you're fine. In fact it has many physical health benefits for guy's at least.

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maybe its because ppl feel self conscious and guilty when they masturbate...like they did something wrong and everyone judges them...You feel like you have this big sticker on your forehead that says "hey I just masturbated" and everyone knows wht you did in your room alone last night..

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It also has something to do with the amount of masturbation. If you're doing it basically every day, often more than once a day, then it's pretty unhealthy. It becomes a compulsive behavior. If you just start to fap whenever you're bored, you become desensitized, guilty/ashamed/angry with yourself for spending so much time doing it. Also, I know for a lot of guys ejaculating takes a lot out of them physically, my bf always crashes and is out for ages after orgasming. If you're doing that frequently, at odd hours, that also messes with your sleep schedule and stuff, which supposedly also makes things worse. But masturbating every once in a while is fine, and a good way to release sexual tension (although to the people going cold turkey, more power to you). I think it's just when quantity becomes a priority over quality that masturbation starts screwing with you.
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Originally Posted by R3served View Post
I don't know if I'm having a lucky couple of days but I remember a few days ago someone posted a thread about how masturbation can cause you to have anxiety.so I figured, what the heck? How does that have anything to do with social anxiety? Then I thought, hmm I might as well give it a try. I haven't masturbated in 3 days and I'm already starting to feel better. I know it's cause of masturbation because I haven't changed any of my normal routines besides refraining from masturbation. Plus I saw articles about the negative effects of masturbstion; anxiety, fatigue, blurry eyes, lower back pain, etc. i had all of those symptoms. I'm not ashamed to admit I masturbated once a day every day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and that's gonna change. Trust me on this for those who masturbate a lot, limit ur masturbation and you will see positive results!
Only explanation to that I can see is, by not masturbating you're just building up your desire for sex. A strong desire would naturally allow you to ignore your anxiety, the stronger emotion would be the source of your attention while your anxiety would float into the background of your consciousness.

I've gone 3 months without masturbating. It did seem to have positive effects - very minor ones though - plus I don't really have any anxiety issues so I can't say if it had any effects on anxiety but, without going into details, it ended messy, cum everywhere.
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I like the part that masturbation leads to social anxiety. If that's the case, every man who has walked on the face of the planet up until now has had social anxiety. What a lame thread. Learn to control your sexual urges a tad.
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even married guys (females) masturbate....so your assumptions are wrong.
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Wow, I used to think my SA was caused by hereditary, developmental and environmental factors.

But it makes so much more sense to assume that a common, natural thing people do all over the world would be the culprit of a rare disorder.
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One time I went 2 weeks without masturbating and felt the same, but I'll try it again for longer this time and see if it works.

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Originally Posted by Coupon View Post
It makes sense that masturbation would cause anxiety. When humans lived in the jungle, we weren't smart enough to figure out masturbation. If you wanted that pleasure, you had to get a girlfriend. So the brain assumes that if you are masturbating, you are actually having sex.

So if you masturbate every day, your brain goes "Oh this is sooo good, we are procreating every day, no point to making yourself any more handsome or any better, 'cause we can't get any better than this. Might as well slack off."

But if you abstain, your brain goes "OH **** OH **** THIS IS SO TERRIBLE, I HAVEN'T PASSED ON MY GENES IN A LONG TIME"
and then your pituitary gland tells this to your testicles:

It sounds stupid but it makes sense.
Kinda doesn't make any sense, masturbation is natural and imo although I'm a virgin it has helped me be a bit more familiar with how sex would be. Tbh I really, honestly don't see the big issue with masturbation, gosh it's a natural thing.

And masturbation doesn't prevent me from doing anything.
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Originally Posted by Coupon View Post
When humans lived in the jungle, we weren't smart enough to figure out masturbation.
Seriously? You think a caveman at some point touched the dangly thing between his legs and noticed a really nice sensation then left it completely alone?

I was anxious since before puberty. Testosterone has nothing do with with this.
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On one side, we got the masturbation addicts, people who just cannot stop masturbating for more than a few hour. These kind of people probably have their hand on their shaft as they are reading this, and they would rather die than to accept the idea that masturbation can be detrimental to their anxiety cure.

On the other side, we got the celibates, those that believe that any masturbation will result as direct increase to their anxiety, so try to completely remove any sexual desires as possible. Their belief is the longer they can abstain from masturbation, the better. They most likely believe in the loaded gun theory.

In the middle, we got the moderates, the minority, that believe that once in a while masturbation is ok. Too much can be harmful to their anxiety cure, as well as the polar opposite. They are usually more apt at seeing the pros and cons of scientific fact and theories, and have a more open view around them compared to the narrow minded view of the extremists.

Then there is those group of people who absolutely refuse to be classified into a category, but we can imagine them floating in space because their opinions don't matter, its safe to ignore them.
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why is it only male masterbation that is considered bad
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Originally Posted by monotonous View Post
turns out everything cause ****ing anxiety

So it seems.

"Do not pray for an easy life,pray for the strength to endure a difficult one"
-Bruce lee

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Originally Posted by life01 View Post
why is it only male masterbation that is considered bad
Exactly, I think the masturbation theory is bs (no offence)
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Cause=/= Only cause. And what causes something for one person does not cause it for every person. Something both sides should understand. I can't link due to vein mobile ATM, but my favorite thing about the prostate cancer mastubation statistics is that you can easy find studies that say masturbation increases/decreases your risk by 33% (exact percent going either way) so I always use it as an example when I say statistics aren't everything. In my personal experience while masturbation didn't cause my anxiety, not masturbating ups my game and decreases my anxiety all around. Because since I can't even halfway sexually satisfy myself and I'm already socially unsatisfied I have to do whatever I can to alleviate one of the two. So I go out and practice talking to people, work on my game, and get more comfortable in life because I'm forced to. Excuse any errors, mobile device and autocorrect are the enemy.
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I do think that it is different for everyone. For some, masturbation could very well be a cause of SA, even if its a minor one. Some think it's BS, they don't see it as a contributing factor to their SA.

I know that for me, watching porn while masturbating hurts me in a lot of ways. After I do it for a couple days straight I get irritable, incredibly antisocial, and generally just "out of it" / in a daze. Hell yes I enjoy it while I'm doing it, but its just a temporary high, just like any other drug. At least that's my experience. Masturbating is healthy, but in moderation. I've decided to cut out porn and to cut down on masturbating and I know that well help me.

Sometimes I laugh about this debate because honestly, it just depends on the person.
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