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Do you have a lot of trust issues?

One of the reasons why I don't try to socialise is because I don't trust people. I don't trust anyone to care for me or stick up for me.

People will always choose others over me.

My dad's family caused me to have trust issues.
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Absolutely. Trust issues have always been one of my main problems. I need to loosen up a little but that's hard to do when living with SA at a pretty high level.
I hate to blame others but I think my mom's side of my family pretty much messed with my mind/thoughts back when I was growing up. Don't think they meant any harm but just seeing how freaking fake they acted around others (pretending to be someone they're not) made it hard for me to trust people in general.
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Depends. I tend to distrust people who are not very direct and plainspoken. It's easy for me to misinterpret people who use vague or indirect language or seem to be saying things in a subtle way. My brain isn't good with subtle. I also tend to trust people who lay things out clearly without any sign of condescension or anything like that. Has to do with my borderline paranoia I guess. I like straight talk (I guess is what I'm saying). When it seems like someone has uncertain motives, it tends to take my mind in bad directions that I don't like and I kind of just want to get away from them.

I'd probably trust someone who flat out told me they hate me more than I'd trust someone who tiptoed around the matter without ever saying anything direct. I'm kinda dumb that way.

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Trust issues are issues for a lot of people with SA. We have trust issues because people have treated us unfairly because of our illness and the way it causes us to act. So yes you will mistrust people you mistreated you.
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I have A LOT of trust issues. It is a big issue for me. I have met a lot of awful people in my life and things happened to me.

God bless you
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I don't trust anyone at all. I do really have some serious trust issues. I don't even trust myself... It should be simple just to trust someone, believe in someone... But not for me... I just can't do that, I can't... It didn't took much to lose my all faith in humanity and become someone who can't trust anyone anymore... Those times when I did trust someone really hurted me a lot, I was very painful and it was enough pain to make my all trust to disappear...

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