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I had to take a bus today, and had so many thoughts racing around the whole time...'I shouldn't make eye-contact with the girl opposite', 'better not look over there or he might think I'm looking at his girlfriend', 'I'm hungry but I can't eat this sandwich or everyone will stare and I'll end up dropping food etc.'. All that s***

anyway by the end of this journey, which was only around 10 minutes, I was extremely tired and could've fallen asleep right then. This is pretty normal for me when I'm feeling especially weird and paranoid like I was on that bus..when I was at college I usually spent most of the day feeling very tired like this. Obviously this caused alot of problems. The thing was, as soon as I got home I was wide awake again. Nothing's really changed and I still get really tired when I'm out in public, like it's draining my energy or something. I used to think it was messed up blood-sugar levels, but I had these checked and they were ok.

I was just wondering is a normal SA symptom or not?? It's a major problem for me.
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Re: Tired??

I'm no expert but I think I read one time that your body can only be anxious at a certain level for so long. After this period, your body will release natural endorphins to calm yourself down. Maybe this is what makes you tired. I remember one time I had a panic attack and after it was over, I felt really calm and could have easily gone to bed.

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Re: Tired??

I feel the same way. I am tired all the time because I am constantly thinking about things like you stated and even when I'm at home I think "why did I say that? I probably offended that person or they think I'm weird," "I hope I didn't look nervous around them" etc. It stresses me out and causes so much anxiety that it makes me so tired. But I don't think it's just the anxiety that makes me tired, but sometimes I notice that when my mind thinks too much, it's almost as if my brain tries to shut down and I get sleepy all of a sudden. But oddly enough, when I lay down to go to sleep it's as if my brain snaps awake again and I start thinking again! And when I wake up in the morning it's as if I've gotten little to no sleep because I start thinking as I wake up from sleep. It's such a vicious cycle. It's so frustrating....and tiring...
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Re: Tired??

Right now I'm feeling constantly tired also. I think could possibly be down to a side effect of my medication - as well as SA/depression.

What's really frustrating is that after a difficult day at work (which currently seems to be most days), when I feel it might be a good idea to go over stuff I previously learned in therapy and think about ways to put different techniques into practice, I'm usually too tired by the time I get home to concentrate on it properly. All I actually feel motivated to do and feel capable of doing is slumping in front of the tv, though I know at the same time this really isn't helping me.
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