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'surrounded by enemies' mentality

When i go to bed i like to lie there and half-dream about myself as some calm, cold calculating, no compromise rambo/jason bourne character, dealing out justice to whoever has done me wrong.

A usual theme is that im looking at my enemy through the scope of a sniper rifle, and i have placed a cellphone in the area where he's at, so i can call him and have his attention as well as his life in my hands.

This calms me down, the thought of no compromise overpowering and domimation of my hated evil enemies.

Often i daydream about conflicts involving me against an entire group of people, and nobody supports me, even though im clearly right.This comes often to a a conclusion where everybody is gathered and i present clear and undeniable evidence that i am right and they are all wrong.

I then imagine myself having a contemptfull grin on my face as I, the outsider, relentlessly taunts them, the despicable herd animals and the social manipulators that leads them.

But the flock can of course not accept that an individual is not complying with the will of the many (borg?) so i tell them about the comically brilliant steps i have taken to prevent them from killing the one who isnt willing to assimmilate, like having the entire area covered with mines that will go of if my pulse stops.

i dunno man...who knows...ya know??
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You seem to have a creative imagination. Maybe you should try using that talent to conjure up scenarios or ideas that don't involve killing people.

I'm not condemning you or anything, btw, I have similar fantasies from time to time. But they're not very productive. Fun though.
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It seems like you have been watching/thinking about "The Bourne Identity" and other things like it recently. I mean that in the most unoffensive way possible. Believe it or not, I'm jealous. I want to be that awesome in my dreams. I usually just end up waking up just before im about to get beaten or die. I'm not a psychologist but I believe that dreams have little to no importance to what is going on in ones brain, and to base decisions off that... well I wouldn't do it.

(there is a small chance that you have intense fear and trust issues with anyone but yourself but it seems more likely that you are just and average joe with SAD)
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