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Social Anxiety is fear of doing something "Wrong" in social situations?

my actions as a child had NO pre-determined thought before the action, the action was true and sincere

growing up, influences around me like my family, friends, bullies, teachers, television, magazines would put ideas into my head of their proper way to act around other humans

these outside messages of how to act eventually lead me to the point where all my actions became pre-determined and overly thought out from past knowledge i gained

past knowledge aka memories have many scenarios around other humans labeled "wrong" or painful and all of this comes together to form anxiety around humans because theres so many RULES to follow
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That makes sense!
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I think it can be hard sometimes to sort the difference between your own rules and those that have been placed by society
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I'd have to disagree at least to some extent. They've shown that even in very young kids, who clearly haven't had much chance to soak up social norms, some will be much more timid and basically hide next to their mother while other kids will be vastly more adventurous and go off and play.

I do think there is some truth to what you're saying. I can think of one example in my own life. As a kid in perhaps 2nd grade I could manage to pee in a stall -- which seemed perfectly normal to me as one pees in at toilet a home. Well, the other boys taught me that real boys are supposed to whip it out and pee in a urinal, which doesn't provide nearly the level of privacy that I require. This might help explain my absolute hatred of public rest rooms to this day, even though that was over a quarter century ago.
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