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Skipping college because of SA...

Hi all im new here, my name is Dennis and im glad I found this forum cause its good to talk to people who know how social anxiety really feels. I see that theres alot of people in there late teens and early 20s so I was wondering how you guys deal with school? My symptoms only come up when im in front of a group of people so one on one interaction isnt a problem but since theres no avoiding atleast some kind of group presentation Ive gave up on college completely. So I was just wondering how you guys avoid giving presentations or having to answer questions in front of class, etc... Thanks guys =)
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Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the only reason I cant bite the bullet and even attempt to do a presentation is because I get really bad physical symptoms like facial tremors, neck tremors, really bad blushing, and sweating..not to mention I seriously think that I might **** myself up there lol..
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I signed up for mostly large classes that would require no interaction. If I had to sign up for a small class and there was more interaction than I could handle, I would drop it. As for presentations, I did one freshman year and skipped the only other one I had in my senior year. It wasn't worth anything so I wasn't going to torture myself.

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I'm horrible in presentations. My hands shake, I don't know if I have any tics no one has ever mentioned them to me but who knows. For me I'm worse in a smaller classroom. Luckily this last semster, I have two classes that are rather big for some reason that makes me less nervous.
I'm 30 so its taken me forever to get through school a lot because of my low self esteem.

I wouldn't quit school just because you can't do presentations. It sucks I know only quit school because your not sure what you want to do and you want to look at all your options maybe that school or degree isin't for you. But don't quit just because of presentations. You won't see those people ever again. Believe me I've been there. I've gone though tons of humiliating things. Long list. I've been a outcast so many times. But running away doesn't help. I've been doing that a long time too.

But in December I will be graduating with a degree in Business and Accounting finally. As humilitating as it is its still worth it as long as it is something you want to do.
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School's tough sometimes. Last year I didn't go to school for like 5 months. I should've gotten expelled but fortunetely, principal at school had understanding for my problems and they let me finish it. This year I'm better although I still have problems at times.
My advice to you is to go to school. It's not easy but in the end the things we work hardest for are the things we appreciate the most.
School isn't easy but you must go.

I just don't know..
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I have problems sometimes and I have changed schools a couple of times but that has more to do with that I have never been sure on with I want to do later in life..

But I have always had problems with talking,giving presentations and groups.Now I'm thinking that even though it is hell to do these things sometimes I just have to.I don't have anything like this now this semester,but I will later.Then I just have to,to get some practice and I don't want the SA to get in the way for things I want to do..
This is something I've been thinking a lot about lately

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My first year of college was a nightmare. I skipped one class so much I failed it. But this year has been better. My psychologist referred me to my school's disability department, and because of my diagnosis of SA I was able to register there. They type up a letter for each of my professors every semester explaining some areas I might have a problem with (presentations, being called on in class, etc.) and some accomodations they can make to help me (like writing a paper instead of doing a presentation).

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I usually just force myself to do it when I have to have a presentation in front of many people. It isn't fun but its good to get it over with. I skipped it once but luckily I didn't fail the class. One semester I had to do a presentation every Friday, but then there were only 5 people in the room at most. At first I was very nervous but after a few weeks it became easy.
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When I first started college, I took the distance learning courses at first because it was what was most comfortable to me. Unfortunately, the distance program didn't cover every course I need, like biology and chemistry, so I had to start going to in person to school. Before signing up for a class, I go look on to see what the teachers for the subject I need to take are like, like whether or not they require you do to group work or presentations.

Even if you end up with a teacher who requires some sort of presentation, it can't hurt to ask for an alternative assignment or explain why you don't want to do it.
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Same as the person above--I go to and see if anyone mentions presentations or calling on people and things like that. If there's someone who's registered with RMP, I contact them to ask them about it. It might be weird, and they might think I'm weird, but I don't really have anything to lose.

If I go to the class and see that the professor requires presentations or lots of discussions, I'll probably drop it. I was once enrolled in a math class where the professor said he was going to call on people a lot to solve problems on the board. I dropped it, signed up for another math class and was so much better off there, so I think it was a good decision. The professor never called on anybody, she was nice, the way the classroom was set up didn't make me feel uncomfortable, and it just had a better atmosphere to it overall.
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Thanks alot for your replies I read alot of great and helpful advice which is much appreciated. Ive thought about the RMP idea and I guess ill research that first. I also thought about talking to the teacher before the first day of class about my problem and ask if I could avoid being called on and if i could do alternate assignments instead of presentations.. do you guys think most teachers would understand?
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I've heard in certain situation that some teacher are understanding. I've rarely heard of a teacher not being understanding.
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