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I'm 18, Male. In tertiary education and I'm wondering whether i do have SA. ( which I think i do have)

I've done several SA test to prove whether I'm suffering from SA. Haven't actually seen a doctor because I'm scared.
Recently found this forum and maybe some of you reading this could help me.

Its my first time actually voicing out how i feel on a forum.
I used to be cheerful and happy, with no sign of anxiety till the start of this year. (feels like forever)
Till after a breakup, family issues which I didn't take it so well.

Soon I started school. From the start, i was scared. After getting to know the people at the school, it soon felt that they're out to get me. "Comments" & "Sarcasm" soon felt so different compared to the past.

Relationships with my close friends became tough as well, maybe because they were close to my ex. And I'm talking about Buds who I knew back from the days. I feel anxious infront of them, even though i tell them i feel this way. And i can't help but to voice it out. They said i lost it and i was very paranoid, i admit, looking back at it. I don't want to alienate from them because they're all I got. They're giving me a chance, and i need help. Forget about the people in my actual school now.

I'm trying my best not to be socially awkward and sometimes i find it hard to speak. Pot only made it worst, songs also became different as i would get "sucked" into the song emotionally. I'm trying not to avoid situations even though i feel scared, I just rather not talk then make a fool out of myself. (and i do smoke, if that's helpful)

Even right now i'm thinking about tmr. ****ing hell.

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What did the SA tests tell you? It sounds like it is sadness that may have turned into depression. Also, anxiety and depression can reinforce each other, which can lead to feeling stuck.

Do you have 1 or 2 people that you can confide in, that you can express yourself easily and who won't upset you? Some friends and some friendships are only working when everyone is cheerful. It's a rare friend that is there for you when things are looking bad. Do you have someone like that?
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Yes, the tests were like, slightly socially anxious. strange. I can easily open up to 2 of my friends but sometimes i feel that is the only thing i'm talking about. My struggles. They would help me out, only if i help myself first.

It must be weird coming from their point of view. Wondering how weird am I when i go out with them. I feel that it is dissipating, by going for social occasions. For example, a soccer match, school, going out on a date with someone new and I really hate boarding buses. I move a lot, wonder what to do and get sweaty. I'm trying, but i still feel it building. and sometimes conversations end after punchlines.

It's a tough call, because i've been sad. and I've been anxious at the same time. I thought it was because of the anxiety which lead me to sadness, vice versa. Its a tough period in my life with my family and i feel pressured with my friends. I want to be me again and not go crazy.

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