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Rut - how to get out of it?

How do you get out of a RUT? I am in a big one, i have no motivation to do anything, i am not working dont have any friends , dont do anything with my days, computer-tv-xbox-read a bit-eat-sleep and repeat, i feel depressed because of this, any ideas how to get out of this RUT!!
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Well, life is obstacles. I was in a rut myself before i just started getting out more, applying for jobs. I can't say life is 'peachy keen' at this point. But it takes steps of determination in the direction you want your life to be in.
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I wish I knew!
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Re: um...

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I don't know what you guys call it in the US but sign up with your local social security agency, they should make you look for a job while you receive SS benefits. You break your cycle + you get money which means you gain some independace from whoever you are dependant on at the moment, it's a win/win. And it's alot easier than just trying to apply for jobs out of the blue, without any help.
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There's a study that states volunteering or giving time to help other people is a great distraction from self.
If you'd rather not be around strangers, depending on the severity of your anxiety, maybe you could help out relatives.
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People tell me I should just go out and start doing things, anything at all to get out of a rut. I'm not sure if it works though because I haven't tried it before.(most probably becauseI don't feel I'm in a rut but others do ) Suggestions include exercising everyday or a couple times per week, get a part time job etc.
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do things that advance your life. the worst feeling in the world is to feel that you aren't making progress.

you don't necesarily have to leave the house if you're not there yet. but read some self-help books, start exercising, work on your image, practice talking in the mirror, correct your posture, eat healthier, say some affirmations .. there are tons of things you can do. just make some progress every day and you are on your way
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I feel like i am in a rut aswell, because i know where am at, while its ok, is far less than where i should be. I am very ambitious, and i know that i am not using my talents to thier full extent. I know that my SA has really slowed down my energy, drive and motivation throughout my life.

I would suggest to you that you start trying to fix the biggest glaring problem, your SA... therapy, books, drugs... whatever. this site is great first step, just make sure its not your last.

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I'd suggest getting a job (easier said than done, I know...) and picking up a different hobby.
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Musicology I'm also in a rut. Do you have a therapist? That could be a start. How about even taking yourself to a movie alone - that's a start and it would be enjoyable. What do you enjoy doing?
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duct tape all your hobby stuff in a box and go out and find work.
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