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Revisiting the past as your current self

What if you could go back to a previous time period in your life as the person you are today? Would anything change or would it be an exact repeat of what happened before?

If I compare myself now to how I was 10 years ago, it would seem as if a brain transplant took place!

There were hundreds of social opportunities in high school but back then I despised myself and didn't know who I was. I hated the world and all the people in it. I thought people were annoying and superficial and tried everything to avoid EVERYONE in any way possible as if avoidance was a skill to be developed just like a professional athlete works on their abilities.

And now my worldview and personality have done a 180!

Even now I can feel myself change - who will I be at 40 years? 50? 70?

Have you noticed any changes in yourself over the past 10 years? Are you the same as before? Is there a moment/period of time in your life that you'd like to do over with your current mindset?

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I would save myself from certain traumatic experiences and the subsequent brain damage. I thought I was in bad shape back then but had no idea how bad it could get. "Don't become me" I would tell my younger self.
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My past self was optimistic about solving my problems. I figured if I just worked hard enough, I could overcome my limitations. If I went back in time, I'd just bust out my razorblades and spare myself the decades of pointless misery.

I love Society. It is entirely composed now of beautiful idiots and brilliant lunatics. Just what Society should be.
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I've changed alot. Every single year. We're continuously evolving even if we don't know it.

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