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Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
A healthy start would be to stop referring to yourself as an alcoholic if you've been sober(no matter for how long). That's a bullsh*t way of keeping yourself down, and discounting your achievements. How many sober addicts do you know? Sober people don't use. That would be like me calling myself a heroin addict even though i havent used it in 8+ years. Get over the made up notion that "once an addict, always an addict." It's not true, It's bs.

Totally disagree. I know myself and my personality. I believe strongly if I use alcohol or another substance I will quickly become re-addicted to it. It has nothing to do with keeping myself down, as I don't see it as being something derogatory. It's just a part of who I am...just like saying I have blonde hair or like to play softball. In fact, if anything I feel like it's something to be proud of. I feel great that I've been through addiction and come out the other side, and have no issue expressing that to others. It sounds like you have as well. Congrats!
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I "self-medicated" with alcohol from ages 19-23. It was more to deal with depression and general anxiety than SA per se, but it's a similar thing. At that point in time, I did not know that alcoholism ran in my family, so I was very susceptible to addiction. (Thanks, mom.) I have been sober for many years now.

They call it "self-medicating" because it works -- but very briefly, and with more negative long-term effects than positive ones. If you feel like it's become a problem for you, it has -- different people define substance abuse and reaching the point of abuse in different ways, but if you're feeling concerned, that would seem to indicate you would prefer a different way of coping.
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I can't. I'm allergic to alcohol so it makes my skin red.
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O hai, I like your avatar. I rely on fluoxetine hcl 20mg for mine and it even gets rid of depression, sometimes. I know that alcohol longterm is actually going to give you more depression and bodily harm, than say chocolate. But yehaw, it's pretty common to do drugs to escape reality, I do it too with fluoxetine I just realized. Because it's hard to keep up every day, every day is just like a repeat, and I need to keep myself away from social media and instant gratification for a few minutes and hours to be able to focus my attention/will on my present reality so I won't become a homeless ***** from hell. Yeah for now it's best for you and me to just escape reality, especially in our younger years when we can still play runescape in our grandparent's basement instead of ****ing college babes. Right on!

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