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Really bad social hangover advice

I have a really bad social hangover today, we held a small-ish launch party yesterday for our new company that my partner and myself have started up. We only invited a handful of people and I actually socialised pretty well, in fact it was said that at times i just wouldn't stop talking, or maybe that's bad, I don't know. It lasted a good few hours, from around 12 noon till about 7PM at night. I did have a moderate breakdown at one point when some guests had already left and the remaining few were gathering their things for a last cup of coffee before leaving when some uninvited and unexpected quests turned up but I busied myself with cleaning the disaster zone that was our kitchen for over an hour until i was OK to go back out and socialise again for another 2 hours. Afterwards I felt perfectly fine, in good spirits actually, if somewhat manic from over stimulation, and my partner and I rounded the evening off with a quiet dinner and a movie, quite relaxed and happy.

This morning I could just barely drag myself out of bed, I'm exhausted and feel drugged, sleepy and sluggish. Everything from working (thankfully I work from home) to getting up out of a chair to even at times lifting a glass to have something to drink seems like such an effort, too much of an effort. My emotions feel dull and numb to the verge of miserable and I did sit and cry earlier from feeling too overwhelmed by the tremendous effort it's taking just to be functioning today. I'm also constantly hungry and extremely thirsty today.

I've never hosted a party like this before but going out to other people's parties I've never had it this bad before, tired and cranky sure, exhausted maybe but barely begin able to function?? It's actually scaring me that it can be this bad?

This has now got me even more anxious than I already was about the birthday party we're throwing for my partner in February. It's going to be an even bigger party and I will be working the next day because I can't take off.

Is this even normal? Does anyone else experience it this badly? Any tips on surviving and minimizing social hangover in future that actually work when you have to function the following day and can't spend the day in bed sleeping?
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I think it is normal for people with SA - because every usual social interaction requires us to double or triple the effort, first to keep our nerves down and then to keep us socializing and leaving the comfort zone. If this is not only one person, but many of them around you, as at the party, then we should keep ourselves going multiple times.

Actually the thing that some time you talked a lot can mean that you are being nervous/emotional and excited. Which is very good thing! I think when we fight the fears we get the level of adrenaline in blood to raise and that leads to excitement. But after you feel exhausted.

It is the same if you would play the football 6h in a row, I bet you couldn't get up from the bed next day. In our case we invest a lot more effort and energy in doing things, that are usual for others. And that drains out. I have the same feeling after socializing a lot or being a more talkative, emotional then I am usually. I totally enjoy the moment, but next day I feel like some regret, a bit exhausted and distant.
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I'm the same way, I agree with post above that it's because of the extra energy that it takes for us to socialize.
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