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I'm just wondering if some people could share with me their experiences with psychotherapy to deal with SA. I've seen four different therapists over the years and it's frustrating because it's difficult, not to mention expensive, to find the right one -- one who's smart enough not to fall for your malarky. Of the four I had sessions with, I found only one to be of any help. The others tried to either push meds on me or were judgmental -- which is about the worst thing a therapist can be -- or would give me "homework" in the form of workbooks and sheets of paper with crap like "Look at yourself in the mirror and SMILE!" . Stuff like that has always turned me right off. From what I understand, exposure therapy is a big part of getting over SA but if your problem is dealing with people and that problem causes those people to feel uncomfortable, why would you want to subject those people to that? I always thought I could solve this problem myself, but I'm starting to realize I can't and lately, I've been pinning all my hopes on psychotherapy.
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I think it's difficult to find treatment that works. It took years before I found something that helped my specific symtoms. Exposure therapy seems to be effective but no one said it would be easy. It involves getting involved with a situation that will make you uncomfortable. Whether or not someone with anxiety is willing to do that is their prerogative. It's hard work and it's up to the individual to decide just how much they are willing to do to get better. The good things in life often involve going through some discomfort before obtaining the prize. Personally I don't like exposures but realistically that is what I need.

So yeah...psychotherapy is good. It really depends on how much you put into it though.
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