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I purchased quite an expensive digital camera and objective (200 mm) a few months ago, and it has helped me tremendously so far to just get out on every occasion I have and take photographs of everything - from buildings to people to wildlife to nature to airplanes (plane spotting). It also somehow distances myself from my environment.

Equipped with this camera I feel confident and detached from my surrounding. Having the camera is like the ultimate legitimation to get up and close. Also, people around you start to worry they might look stupid if they accidently appear on one of your shots, which gives me a little relieving schadenfreude :P

It simply feel (concerning SA) safe behind my camera. It also allows me to trespass virtually everywhere (I am kind of an urban explorer) without raising eyebrows. People just assume I was taking photographs legitimately.

E.g. on one occasion someone took a street that was closed for cars in the forest (protected area even), and when he spotted me, he was extremely worried I might take a picture of his license plate - as I looked like working for the forest service (GPS in my hand and all) :P

Only thing missing is a shirt saying "PRESS". ;-)
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Re: Photography

Ive starting to take digital photography at school. ive had previous lessons before, but im taking it again because i might learn more tricks on how to take better pictures. ive always enjoyed being the photographer.

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Re: Photography

Same here, bought my first DSLR earlier this year and love it. I've really got into photography over the past 18months and hope to dig out some sort of career in it.

I am a million times more comfortable behind the camera than infront of it!
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Re: Photography

I'm really glad to see this thread. I've been considering getting into photography as a hobby, and possibly a career, but my fear that I might be just as anxious and awkward, behind a camera, as I am while doing most stuff has kept me from trying.
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Re: Photography

I like taking pictures of things, usually nature. I don't take pictures of random strangers though. I had a girl do that to me once while I was walking around at a fair. Her flash went right off in my face. I don't know if she was taking pictures for a newspaper or if she was just a random person taking random pictures, but either way it made me a little mad. If I had a little more courage, I would have demanded to know why she took my picture and what she planned on doing with it.
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Re: Photography

That's one of the reasons I take vacations, even though I take them alone. I enjoy taking photographs. Now if National Geographic would just buy one of my pictures. :+)

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Re: Photography

I take pictures of everything, I love photography! Unfortunately I am stuck with a point-and-shoot

I'd love to make a career out of it but I don't think I'll ever have enough confidence in my photographs to do so.

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