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People with AMAZING personalities

I just have to talk about this, and I'm sure everyone knows what I mean. We've all met someone who has an amazing personality and just bursts with confidence. In my opinion, I view myself as a follower. I'm not shy or quiet, but I'm nothing special, I usually say common things and don't ever go outside of the box so to speak.

Im in highschool and I have this one friend (I dont hang out with her as much as Id like to because she is always partying at the bars with her other friends) who has just such a presence when she enters the room. When I first met her, I thought "omg, this girl is so strange!" but every time she left she left me puzzled and that's what made her so interesting.

I find that I often place people like these on a pedastool, like their super beings. I see myself as so average, with nothing much to offer (I mean, there are probably a million teenage girls like me). Even my best friend (whom I hardly hang out with anymore) and my other old best friend who I unfortunately had a falling out with 8 months ago, they have amazing personalities. I mean, theyre so different from each other but each just as incredble. My one friend is so witty and she talks to everyone. My other old friend is so strong and confident and is always responsible.

It's really hard to explain, and I don't want to get into detail. I'm not biased about this either because these people were my friends, I know anyone would think this (and a lot of people do). They've always had tons of guys after them. My best friend now, the one I dont see very much (I guess she's not really my best friend then technically anymore) always has some guy head over heels for her and she doesnt even give him a second though. I know that sounds conceited but I mean people just fall in love with her personality.

Anyway there is this girl in my geography class, shes 2 years older than me, she came back to make up a few extra courses. She is the most amazing person ever. I wish I had her personality. She talks to everyone and she is SO nice. Shes not fake at all, she is a geniunly good person. She even talks to the quiet kids in the back that no one ever really talks to. She always says the funniest things at the right time.

Today she talked to me and my friends for 30 minutes (she talks a lot, always going on tangents, hard to even get a word in lol) and I was listening to every word she said because I was so interested in her story. I looked at the look when she finished talking and I was like wow I feel like I was just in a trance.

And the thing is, she doesnt make you feel like shes better than you, shes just... its hard to explain. Shes confident but not cocky, for example, I once had a friend (now an exfriend) who looked exactly like jessica alba and angelina jolie together but probably prettier. Everyone was always telling her how pretty she was and all the guys were always trying to hook up with her. She was very loud and bubbly and confident, but when she talked to you, it was like she wasnt even listening to what you were saying. Its almost like she liked to hear herself talk.

Anyway I found out she was very two faced and b*tchy. She had a new best friend every week and she always seemed to be the same. I would consider her to be confident and nice, but its all an act. With this girl in my geography class, it's so genuine. A girl in my class asked her how she could talk to much (in a nice way, nothing mean) and she said she couldnt live without talking, she hates keeping her mouth shut.

I sometimes wish I felt like this. Anyway, needless to say I keep thinking about this person (not in a lesbian way or anything), but it just boggles my mind how someone could be like this. I wish so badly that I could be like that. At work I tried to be extremely bubbly and talkative but I gave up after 20 minues because I realized I was trying too hard. It's true, I would like to be like that but I can't force myself to be something I not. I like to talk to people but they also drain me. I like my alone time and Im not sure why. I dont get nervous or anxious around people, I just feel like its a chore to make conversation because I dont really care that much about what they have to say (unfortunately... dont know why Im like this)

Wow, this is so long and there is probably a million mistakes...... any comments would make for a good discussion on this topic I suppose...
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I dont get nervous or anxious around people
Well that's good! I wish I could say the same and I hope I will in the near future. Did you ever suffer from social anxiety?
I know what you're saying. I am forever envying amazing people who are so nice to everyone and so confident with themselves. I think the best thing to do is to become confident with yourself (which I still haven't done myself!) and then you too will radiate that amazingness to others. and you think you're just average but nobody is. every one is unique and I'm sure others must find you fascinating if you are confident enough to express your true self to others. But I know, easier said than done. And I have a dilemma with figuring out who my true self really is! Anyway, that's my two cents worth.
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