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People Being Dismissive Towards You

Does this happen to you often?

I can be dismissive towards people at work but only due to shyness/anxiety. But it hurts when you know someone who is social and engaging towards everyone but is dismissive towards you.

One of the managers is dismissive with me. The times when he noticed my clothing he wouldn't say it to me and talk to someone else about it and when I try to joke along he's dismissive.

I generally get dismissed when asking questions. This girl at work even though at times she's nice towards me but generally she's weird towards me and I get such an uncomfortable vibe.

She always look grumpy towards me and replies in an annoyed way. It's hard for me to say hi to her or try to talk to her. It makes me extremely uncomfortable.

Or when she asks me why I did something work wise because she has to explain it to another employee interstate and I explain to her that I spoke to the manager and he confirmed to do that, she will always say apparently I was told to do that. It's always apparently and her tone indicates that she doesn't trust me.

She can be a little ***** towards me.
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It happens to someone I care about a lot and it really pisses me off. Sorry to hear it happens to you too.
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