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Even after an event that could have ended badly happens, I can't help but think about what could have happened and how badly it could have happened......and when I reach that point, I start to panic and it's almost like I've lived through the incident when it turned out badly, but I didn't. I start to shake, get short of breath, my mouth goes dry and I have almost like flashbacks of the would-be outcome, the same symptoms that someone with PTSD feels when they relive a tragedy, but for me nothing happened. For example, I still haven't gotten my license, but I have my permit. Today my mom let me drive across town to go get our haircuts. Even though I looked and made sure the intersection was clear when I made my turn onto one of the busiest roads in my town, a car came speeding up the road out of nowhere and almost hit us. My mom panicked and screamed. I had to pull over into a parking lot and let her drive because I was so shaken up. I cried knowing that I could have gotten into an accident and hurt or killed. Now after the fact I actually feel like I've been through being in a car accident...I'm having flashbacks of an event that didn't really happen. This happens when I take tests, play clarinet at a recital or audition (what if I messed the piece up?? I'll have flashbacks of it later that night or that week.). What's wrong with me?? I'm a perfectionist, could that have something to do with it? This is very frightening and I find that it's starting to happen more and more....anyone know what the h*** is going on with this???
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