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Only way I'm going to live a normal life

There are 3 things that are flooding me with anxiety on a daily basis.

Lost my fiancée - this leaves a massive hole in my life that no amount of pretending will fix. Until I can find someone to replace at least some of the support and love she gave me I don't think I will ever really feel right.

****ty wages and unfulfilling job - I have a Master's degree and I'm still at the place I started out right out of school with a Bachelor's making half as much as I should. There are few openings in my field and most of them demand 5-10 years of experience with healthcare or military that I will not have unless I find one in those fields that doesn't demand that. The process of looking makes me feel depressed similar to dating. You put yourself out there and it ends up being a huge waste of time.

Student loans - I have accumulated way too much student debt that I will never repay and have no way to bankrupt or renegotiate. Every day I get letters and phone calls demanding thousands I will never have. Unless the legal framework shifts so I can file bankruptcy or cram these down to a reasonable level I feel doomed.
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one of the best couples u guys were, but i believe golden hearts always move on....... (if u remember me we used to chat, that's why i added u)
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I hate to hear this Knight.
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Feels. I hope you make it out of your crappy pay, get a better job and get rid of debt and everything else.
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the things that flood me with anxiety are student loans, physical worries and if that affects my ability to function properly mentally, and not achieving my goals.
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I feel no control of my life at this point, I feel like the only shot I really have is if someone up above is helping pull some strings in my favor. The job market in my area sucks, I spend pretty much all my non work time at home partially because of SA and partially just because it costs a ton to be out and about... And the student loan mess does show some signs of improvement but when even Obama is being a dick about it then it makes me feel pretty hopeless that meaningful reform will happen.

I try to be a problem solver, but like most of the things that frustrate me in life, I don't see any good way to fix any of these things.
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