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No relation

I don't think I can relate to people. It seems most people view me as a naive, immature kid who you can't cuss around and talk about things that they would usually talk about with other people. Some even seem annoyed by me because it seems like I can't do some of the most simplest things. I feel very stiff around people which makes them uncomfortable. I notice that people will talk to me in a different way than they do with others whether it be their tone of voice or subject matter and that gets to me. I'm frustrated with people treating me like an innocent five-year old! I remember back when I had friends how differently they would act around me then with their other friends. They seemed more comfortable and chummy with them than with me. If I can't relate to others, then how in hell am I going to have relationships with people?
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Not sure where to start with that honestly. You make a lot of references to age, how old are you?
Are the people your "hanging around with" older, younger, peirs? When you say:

"I feel very stiff around people which makes them uncomfortable."

Do you just feel this way? Or are people actually verbaly telling you this?
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I feel the same way about people alot of times. You can relate to other people, probably more than you know. We're unique but the same is what i have heard. Don't let our differences discourage you.
Oh, and i can relate about people treating me differently than other people, it's partly perception and our quiet nature that people act that way towards us.
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I'm 24 years old.
I'm referring to my family, relatives, ex-co-workers, friends I had in high school, just people of all ages from my past and present.
"I feel very stiff around people which makes them uncomfortable."

Do you just feel this way? Or are people actually verbaly telling you this?
I feel this way. No one has come out and said that I make them uncomfortable but they don't need to. You can tell from a person's body language, tone of voice, and how they treat you compared to other people.
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People definately talk to me/us differently. A couple of girls that I know, when they say goodbye, they say it to me so sweetly. "byye, Chuck", as if I have never had an erection. Do people feel sorry for me or something?

Most of the people I hang out with I can't relate to. I hang out with two distinct groups, both of them sourcing from one person each. I hate to use the term "group", because really all the group refers to is person I am closest to and the people they hang out with, but it's the best I can do. One group, which revolves around my older sister, is usually older, artistic, shares more musical interests. The other revovles around my friend Taylor, which I spend the most time with, is more about hanging out, smoking weed and drinking beers, going to see mainstream bands, "jamming" (even if we don't do it that very successfully), and I guess just figuring out what were are going to do in the first place.

I have to admit that I like tagging along my sister the best. No matter what I'm going to feel uncomfortable, but when I do whatever she is doing it's new and less predictable than hanging out with my other friend.
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