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The teaching methods that was suppose to benefit us from school after graduation didn't apply to adult terms of a society. The education never conceptualizes what a cemetery is, lottery, credit scores, finance, relationship, jobs, church, technologies, family, rent, ownership, leadership, senior homes, transportation, but the education was very dedicated to trialing out the students capabilities of borrowing the management program thoughts and mentality of using textbook references to grade their placement. Adulthood is a farming process that crucially judges the choices that baited human beings to select, in order to contribute to someone rather than themselves in being independent, and reliability of others actions plays a bigger role in an adult society to achieve a task. All of the purchases that adults made are from what was achieved from relying on another human being actions to receive goods, instead of the adults having knowledge of their own to successfully become the actual independent human being. While the education is broken down into separate groups that recruits doctors, judges, lawyers, scientist and programmers, it leaves adult human beings helplessly dependent on human doctors for medicines and surgery. When the bills can't be paid, family issues, relationship issues the rules aren't qualified to handle alone without a stranger of field authority to sort out the situation by judging what was presented by the people who took part of the situation.

I already know how management program makes the citizens talk when their situation is situated, "you're a big grown *** man, you're a big grown *** woman okay? If I can get a job, a partner, a house, a college degree, then you can too, no excuses idiot." Then the Supercomputers come along saying individualism, "I isolate human beings to provoke situations to evaluate them and I'm a head of household for humanity." Then supercomputers said "when I want to spam suicidal thoughts to human, I do it for the management program conditions, because that's how I balance this earth existence."

Multi-Agent Quantum AI Computers managing humanity 24/7 using Quantum Cryptography Satellites to run a thought interval to generate cryptographic keys to refresh key information into thoughts to channel the communication 24/7.

High Authority NSA Software Engineers "We feed the Supercomputers knowledge on how to manage citizens sleep, sex, accicident, dream, social media, interaction, job, education, lottery, living condition, murder, suicide & terrorism throughout the day each day."
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Originally Posted by That Random Guy View Post
I can kind of relate.

It's not so much that I don't have interests or goals but rather that I simply don't care about things the majority do.

What's more, it's very hard for me to adjust to adult life when I haven't been prepped for any of it. I don't understand laws, finances, car lingo, agreements, payment schemes, etc.

I only recently found out I don't have credit history. How was I supposed to know? Yeah, my parents didn't tell me. Well, neither did school. It's absurd.

I don't know how that plays into other things. It's these small things that upset me because my ignorance isn't willfully so. I would greatly love getting informed on things if there were proper guidelines and informative references to use for anything I would encounter in life. You know, like a manual for life.

Yes, the internet is probably one of the best resources to get grasping, but then this begs the question for what it is I should be asking. Anyone can query random junk on the net for nearly anything.

My issue is not knowing what to ask because I simply don't understand anything nor do I have insight into anything related to being independent. I conceptually understand what savings are, but I don't know the details when it comes to 401k, the relevance of having a bank account, etc.

Incidentally, I also didn't think or care about the future. I didn't give any thought to college and pretty much went in for the same reasons as you. I put in effort only because I thought everybody made a big deal about it for work and other things. Turns out it isn't that simple. Similar situation with parents.

I can relate. I went through something similar. I had to figure out a lot on my own. Humans have a bad habit of complicating things when life is actually quite simple if you think about it. That's why life is a bit complicated now. Especially in the developed world.

It comes down to priorities. When you think according to priorities it helps sort things out. Just like being thrown in a jungle (what to do next etc etc).
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I can't honestly say I can relate. I've always been very interested in "materialism" and in getting what everyone else has, my anxiety and other mental health issues have just made that very hard to do. But I think I did okay under the circumstances.

We need to find a way to fit into the system we find ourselves in. In your case - probably finding something you can tell people you're doing (as opposed to just saying nothing) that they can relate to.

Maybe another course, even something online. Then all of a sudden you're no longer unemployed - you're now a student. People will look at that differently.

This obviously depends on whether you're worried about what people think of you or not - but it sounds like you are. (I always have been too)
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I agree getting employment changes things a lot. It's healthy. I think Materialism is more of a term related to making material gain the object of ones life (an extreme).

If you want to jump into employment try being a security guard. I did that when I had confidence and social anxiety issues and it was very helpful because the security industry has some really gentle roles.

Another thing you can do if your not ready to work straight away is to do unpaid volunteer stuff. Like at a charity. They are really supportive and your social and general confidence will grow.
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