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New Kid, Sweating Like Crazy!

Hi there. I'm new to the board but it is great to see so many people out there dealing with the same issues that I am, and better yet, helping each other. I need some help with my particular bout with SA. My two major issues are that I have a HORRIBLE problem with forehead sweat and blushing in any kind of minor or major social setting. I just moved to a new city and I'm trying to get a job in business/sales, but everytime I go to an interview, I start sweating SO MUCH. Not to mention that I'm shaking and turning red. It's terrible. But judging by this board, I'm not the only one. My question to the board is how to cope and better yet avoid the sweating and blushing. I'm looking for anything: breathing techniques, etc. to help me with the sweating and blushing. I find myself putting on a hat most times I go out and know I'll be social so that the sweat cannot be noticed, but obviously with a job interview in a heavy suit, I'm going to be sweating badly. I need help! I like the idea of just not caring AT ALL what other people think, but it sounds easier than I imagine it will be.

Any advice with the forehead sweating? blushing? Thank you very much!
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Re: New Kid, Sweating Like Crazy!


I'll be on this soon.
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Re: New Kid, Sweating Like Crazy!

I would prefer not to use prescription drugs if possible. I have used everything from Paxil, Lorazepam , Zoloft...I become a mess. Always tired and it still doesn't really work. That's not to say it won't work for soemone else, because I know it does work for other people, I'm just saying it didn't work for me, at least not 2 years ago.
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Re: New Kid, Sweating Like Crazy!

First off: welcome to the forum!

if this is affecting your ability to find emplyment, I'd say your best bet is to talk over medication options with a therapist. I also deal with the shaking and sweating in these situations, and just started Effexor. But be patient, you have to let most of these build up, so it can take a few weeks. I'm on my second week and still waiting for results. I wish I had tried it sooner.
I hope things work out for you, I need to find a job pretty badly and I know interviews are such a pain in the butt when you're stuck like this!
Oh and anther thing -I have hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and take a drug called Glycopyrrolate. It helps a bit with the sweating but makes your entire body quite dry. However, I'm not sure how it would work for you since it's just your forehead.
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