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Nervous Smile Type Thing

Over the past 2 weeks I have been alterining my diet, taking health products, drinking abserd amounts of tea and excercising like a beast all in the hopes that it would reduce my anxiety. I have been very impressed with my results but there is one thing I can't seem to shake and that is my nervous smile/smirk.

Anytime I enter an anxiety provoking situation my worst fear is the smirk becuase its certainly the most recogniseable symptom of anxiety. I will try to counter it by biting my lower lip but then I just look like more of a retard. Sometimes I force myself to think of very disturbing thoughts and as a result I get this really cold/******* type look, but when I get really nervous or think of something funny I am ear to ear smiles.

I know alot of you go throught this. What helps you put on your normal face?
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I usually think of something sad. Sometimes I preten to be yawning or coughing when approuch. biting my tongue from the inside helps me too.
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i have the same problem...and its ruining me! i hate it so much..
i try my best to overcome it by chewing gum, biting my lip but it still doesnt work.
it depends on whether i find something really funny or not..
i hate this especially when all the attention is on me and i have to smile when i cant sometimes..
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If you stop focusing on your facial expression, it will come naturally. But its tough because when you try to stop something, it becomes harder to stop.

I usually just smile with my eyes or raise my eyebrows with a slight smile so I dont look crazy. Yeah I hate the nervous smile. Mine is ear to ear and sometimes my facial muscles start trembling.
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