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My anxiety peaks after I return from a walk

A walk is supposed to relax me right ? but my anxiety peaks after I return from a walk.

Any ideas ?
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Well first, well done for getting out. I have been thinking of doing a walk around my neighbourhood for ages( but have not got to it yet).
Keep it up.

Itís not easy with stupid SA to not feel like that. As with SA it makes you think of things to much, so you are always worrying all time even though you are not thinking of anything specific.

^When you get back home why don't you give yourself a Ďtreatí when you get back, so you have something to look forward to. Like maybe, hot chocolate or a pack of sweets.

^Or you could change back into pyjamas or A comfortable Dressing gown or go to bed.

^ no heavy chores when getting back home, you could do that A few days before going out.

Anything to do straight away as soon as you get home but it has to make you feel happy.

Theres some of my ideas, i hope some of them are helpful or at least give you more ideas to think about. When practicing you will get there eventually.
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Maybe that has some to do with the thoughts while walking. Maybe it's being back home which feels stressful.
I tend to over think, sometimes, when I walk or shovel snow. That gets me pumped in a bad way.
Maybe also it's because the body is activated because of the exercise and therefore, the brain goes "faster" and it makes matters worst.
Maybe I am far off too. lol -- Hope you figure it out!
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It's a confusing thing, the mind. When you're home you want to go outside and live, and once you're out you can't wait to come home.
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Maybe it has to do with the accelerated heart rate and adrenaline while walking that can mimic symptoms of anxiety. Take a nice warm shower after your walk?
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What is going through your mind when you finish walking?

You are a success story waiting to happen!
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Live and HELP live is better!


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