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Thank you for posting this! I think I'll post it on my blog as well.
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Thanks for posting I am so excited to watch this
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Thanks for posting. Made me cry. I may post it to facebook.
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I forgot to mention - Its $5 a watch. So 1600+ people owe me money for no particular reason.

Glad its helping some peeps here though

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Sorry for any previous and future madness on this forum. Bi Polar is a ****** sometimes =/
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Thanks. Watching this makes me want to get help more..Just to afraid to do soo. I often feel like I wont be able to discuss certain issues with someone I dont know. Plus, I find it difficult to reflect and discuss pass examples and moments.

Also, its not surprising that lady has SA and is a psychologist.
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Hi MoniqueS. whats ur blog??
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I never thought that a psychologist would have mental illnesses, such as SAD. I'm glad I've now seen this documentary.

It's helped me deciding what to do next.
Thank you xTKsaucex.

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Thanks for posting these videos. It's nice to actually see someone with SA.
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This means a lot to me because as a young girl I was diagnosed with selective mutism, only they never told my parents and the only way my mum even found out was much later on a report my brother had under the section on family background... It makes me angry to think about the fact that some people don't get help. I am now 20 and I hope that more people get help at a young age then they do now...

Eventually I improved, and have improved a lot more since more since moving to uni, though recently things seem to be getting worse again due to isolation and I still have problems. The thing that bothers me the most is the fact that my parents don't understand that this is an actual mental health problem, they think that it's all normal, and it's fine to feel like I do, especially my dad who was also always shy though I don't know if he ever suffered from SA. I kind of wish they would watch something like this and realise it's not that easy.
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Thanks xTKsaucex ^
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Thx for the post
I shall watch this
I love docs!
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The outside of the outsiders.

This is exactly how I feel, its like at home I am fine but when I go out on my own. It is like I am the only one in a post apocalyptic world I can communicated to, and I shut down or become really awkward/incapable to talk to without any direct meaning. With a particular bias to women in some cases but generally both genders. So its simply not some fear of girls thing...<tell that to my parents.>
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Thank you for posting these videos. They were pretty informative and I'm glad treatment worked on the people shown.
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I cried watching that documentary.
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I'm on the fourth video. It's really good so far and I think it's really helped understand my condition and where I am right now with regards to getting over my social anxiety that I once had. I think that I certainly have developed some conditioning for how I deal with people that I feel that I need to overcome. I would disagree with their opinion that medication is the answer. When I've been on medication it's made me feel much more dumbed down and it's really made me feel worse and oppressed me. It hasn't made me feel better.
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Fucc its not hd
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Cool, going to check it out now. Thanks for posting.
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Thank you SO much for posting this. It's almost 4am here but I could not go to sleep until I watched the whole documentary. It was fascinating and heartbreaking and inspiring and beautiful. I was in tears watching it and holding back tears as I write this. I can identify with SO much of what the people in the video said.

I didn't know there was a name for how I am. I didn't know that other people felt like this; I felt like I was alone, and I know now that I am not.

When they showed the little girl who did not talk at all in school, talking at home a mile a minute- that was me. I always felt like I could get through the school day because as soon as I could get to my house, I could be the real me again. I think that's why I never turned to alcohol; never got depressed or contemplated suicide; because I had a safe haven at home...

No one knows how desperately I struggle with this; I did not intend to tell my mom or sisters (my dad passed away last May) because I don't want them to feel sorry for me; I don't want my mom to feel bad because she didn't get help for me; how COULD she when I was so adept at hiding how bad things were for me?

It also really struck me when they were mentioned that this runs in families. We have never talked much about this, but my dad and mom were always homebodies- never socialized much. My dad didn't graduate; instead getting his GED. Why? Because he had to take a speech class and it was impossible for him to get up and give the speech. My mom was 28 before she got her license (I still don't have mine yet.) My aunt did not get hers until she was in her 20s. My grandmother had certain things about her, when I look back, that lead me to believe that this may have been an issue for her as well.

Wow. I can't get over this. My boyfriend and I are spending the weekend together and I am going to show him this video; he's been trying to help me figure out why I have so many fears, and I can't wait to show this to him. After he and I talk, I am going to post this on facebook and out myself. I want everyone to know about this so that if anyone else I know is going through it, they can watch the video and feel hope.

The outsider of the outsider. That is just how I felt in school.

Sorry for going on and on... I just am so emotional right now... if I wasn't so exhausted this would no doubt be longer (and more coherent lol...)

Thank you for posting this, xTKsaucex. I owe ya five bucks!
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