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Thanks for posting that. It helped.
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Thankfully mines is not that serious
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i remember watching this.

i cant watch it again though. reminds me too much of my issues. its way hard to watch cus i see myself in alot of those situations and having those feelings. i see myself. ughh
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I use to be like that kid in school
Watching this just brakes my hart.

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I used to have massive social anxiety when I was younger and it all came as a result of being a victim of bullying in school.

The girls I liked didn't like me and the guys that bullied me all went out with the girls I liked.

This ended up giving me negative reference experiences growing up and believed that who I was wasn't good enough to be considered attractive.

But it wasn't until a few years ago when I realised that the only way I could overcome this is to actually go out and face my fears. Everything in your life is based on your experiences.

If you want to change it, you simply have to be willing to put yourself forwards and be willing to get rejected. Curing your social anxiety is very easy but tough at the same time because it forces you to come out of your shell. It's also a brilliant form of therapy as it makes you feel good whenever you connect with someone new.

Here's a video of me approaching a stranger in a shop in London:

Here's another one of me getting rejected just to prove that it's not a big deal. I'm still alive and well

Keep a look out on my youtube channel and blog for future video updates. I've set myself a challenge to go out and talk to 10 new people a day for the next 6 months.

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I watched the entire series.

I think it made me kind of reflect on my past actions, and reasonings. I felt the same way some of these people felt but still somewhat different still, I don't know but its hard to explain.
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Thank you for posting this, that was something I needed to watch. Now I know that there is still some hope left.
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I can't explain what a deep relief it is for me to hear other people explain their real, personal experience with this thing, that I have felt so alone with for so long. This is really big for me!

I only made it into part 3 so far and I had to stop and take a breather!

I called my boyfriend and told him and told him about it through my sniffles and he wants to watch it with me tonight

that will give me enough time to try and get most the cries out and screw my head on tight, I hate falling apart.

despite the tears this has made my day!

Thank you for posting!
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Thanks for posting. Some of it annoyed me and brought back some really horrible memories but it was good watching it
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This was great! Thanks for posting. I was exactly like that when I started school. Didn't say anything! My teachers thought I was deaf and sent me for hearing tests.
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truth be told. this film brought me here. haha
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See Other Grown Struggling with SA

made it easier for me to accept what I'm struggling with. I don't know any men personally who have at least admitted having SA.
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I've seen this before and I'm watching it again, it just shows you that other people go though the same things as you. It makes me wonder why so many people are still so uneducated about SA when it's such a common mental illness.
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Byebye SAS.
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I didn't watch this till now lol. I was venting for the most time I was here. Hmmm that taught me a couple things and that video is wonderful. Maybe I can change my life.

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Wait, towards the end of the first video(part one) that guy created social anxiety support as in the very same site???

dont be upsetti have some spaghetti
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I saw this video like 3 years ago
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Thank you for posting this!
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Thanks for posting this! About to start watching it now (well after homework ::/ )

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Remember the sea that learned to be rough"
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Thanks for posting! Really ned help to combat my SA
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