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Moving from home for a job

I'm just looking for some advice or perspective on this opportunity that has come up. Basically, I graduated last year and since then I've been working a cleaning job because that's all I was comfortable with doing. I also still live with my Mom, and I'm 25 years old
A few days ago, I got an offer to work at hospital in another part of the country, and this is a qualified job where I need the specific degree that I have.
HOWEVER, I have never lived away from home before, or lived on my own before. Also, this would be my first serious job as a graduate. I am TERRIFIED. I have booked some viewings for apartments near this hospital, and my mom is going to come with me next week.
I'm scared that it will be too much for me and I might have a mental breakdown or panic attack. I did a work placement two years ago in a hospital for this exact same job, and I was okay I suppose at the start. It was very difficult socially obviously and I was a nervous mess. A few months into the work placement I had a mental breakdown and didn't go back for more than a month. During that time I was severely suicidal, depressed, self-harming, and drinking excessively. But I did go back eventually.

Basically, I need some advice on whether it is a good idea for me to take this plunge or not? Or does anyone have any experience of moving away for work whilst having moderate to severe social anxiety? Is it a bad idea?

Maybe I should stay where I am, doing this cleaning job, and maybe start some therapy or something. See, I'm also scared to say no to this job because my Mom is pressuring me to get a proper job and get my own place. We have had multiple fights and arguments over it.

Sorry for the long post
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I would encourage you to give it a try - you'll never know unless you give it your best shot.

I have low level SA, and moved out to a different city/state (although one which my family and I used to live in when I was a kid) for my first proper job. Moving out of home has been great for my self confidence and has shown me that I am capable of more than I used to believe.

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I would give it a go, sounds like a great opportunity. If things go bad you could always return home right?

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I kinda know how you feel, I left my city to go and study, far away from my family (100+ miles), I miss them dearly but its for a better future. I know that if I had stayed in my previous situation, I would had more unhappy with life thinking about "what if". Sometimes I do feel isolated, but I try to stay focused and snap out of it (I know its easier said then done)

Think you should go for it.. if it don't work out, you can always move back.. at least you can say to yourself that you tried.

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