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Me under hypnosis = crazy stuff

So one of my therapists put me under hypnosis today. He explained that while for some people, hypnosis is not effect, that it may be worth trying to see what it could show me. I agreed and off I went. After staring at a "m" on a wall for a while I noticed that my side vision collaspsed like I was whiting out, opposed to blacking out. Next thing I notice is that it became difficult to keep my eyes open, and I started shaking slightly. It became difficult to breathe. The shaking became worse, nearly violent even. Then I closed my eyes. Then it all got pretty bad, I was shaking very bad, I barely controlled my breathing, and I felt a small amount of tears forming up in my eyes. At this point part of me was saying, "WTF." I was asked to imagine seeing myself in past social situations and just observe. I tried to do so. I was still very clearly shaking and felt generally unstable. As I examined myself in social situations I felt like I did not get anything out of the examination. I just didn't see anything deeper than what was there.

I was brought out of the hypnosis, confused as to what the hell happened. While under that state, I was shaking like an earthquake! My therapist noted that my shaking happened because my muscles are likely always very tense - and that I'm tense. He said that hypnosis is a relaxing state, and my muscles responded to that relaxation with tension. So next appointment, he will give me some handout on muscle relaxation. Whew.

And damn, afterwards it felt like a workout almost. I'm sore. :/

Edit: I wonder if I didn't see anything deeper as I examined my past social situations because I was too tense under hypnosis to examine the situations clearly.

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Interesting...i would try doing it again with muscle relaxtion, I've always wondered about SA and hypnosis...I just have no idea about how it would help

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re: Me under hypnosis = crazy stuff

Interesting post. I always wondered what it's like to be under hypnosis.
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re: Me under hypnosis = crazy stuff

deleting all my posts. kthxbye.
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re: Me under hypnosis = crazy stuff

I've been doing self-hypnosis with professional tapes and was able to relax more and more each time, often even falling asleep, which is supposed to be very good and make it even more effective.
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