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...making awkward conversation

I can have a pretty decent conversation and then it take a huge left turn by me saying something awkward. The person kind of pauses, and if they’re cool, they’ll make a joke or play along. How do you prevent these moments? HOW DO NORMAL PEOPLE CONVERSE?
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Normal people have those moments, but don't care. They may joke about their mistake or apologize for it, but a minute later they've forgotten it. Just as you forget when other people do it.

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Do you listen in on other peoples conversations? I guess I do cause Im often the quiet one. Theres a lot of awkward moments. And people always ask for advice on how to handle a conversation theyre going to have or that they had but they didnt feel good about. People just move past it because its a brief moment in a 24 hour day that no one will remember
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i dont know they are just natural at it.
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What makes it worse it is stuttering or failing to pronounce some words... I just hate talking...

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Well, like others have said, everyone has awkward moments/conversations with people at least occasionally. Working on your social and conversational skills is good but you- and most everyone else- will never be absolutely "perfect" at it. Some of us may have many more awkward moments and conversations than most other people but there isn't anything that can totally prevent them from ever happening. Just learn to push past it and move on.

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