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Looking for Perception. Are you a winner or a loser?

Don't listen please. Just enjoy my entertaining outlook. I speak from the ignorant SAer perceptions that keep haunting good people. My words mean as much as posts on this forum which seem so much like reality at times.

My thread concept is based from a band known as Social Distortion: Winners and Losers. Listen to it when you get a chance. Too funny of course as it has no benefit for someone with an negative SA'ers outlook on life.

Have many SAers convinced themselves the price to pay for freedom is to much to pay? Seems like many have.

Do SA'ers really attract negatives that much in their daily lives to think they are that inferior? Seems like many have. Ever wondered and figured why? Understanding is the key.

Are we SA'ers happy now with all the choices we've made? I'd would bet no evey time and win a trillion bucks in the true process.

Times in life you know you shoud have? Seems like so many SA'ers have'nt.

Got good reason, like yourself, to turn and look the other way? Probly not.

Ever really break it down and figure out why we act like bafoons for no good reason?

We have every reason the book, shouldnt we earn a nobel prize for our accomplishments?

I'm here to play the SAers challenge . My name is Mario. My brother Luigi knows me well and can defend that. Our SA influenced minds are as full of Nintendo like bull**** as they come.

Im a jerk. Dont repond without intent to win. I am a video game. Delete if fear of threat is overcoming. Mario.
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re: Looking for Perception. Are you a winner or a loser?

87 views and no responses to so many truths and some sarcasm in hope peeps would smile in their hearts. I can officially deem myself as a loser to the serious SA crowd.
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re: Looking for Perception. Are you a winner or a loser?

You're right. I notice the more I read on SA the worse it gets. It's like I am hypnotizing myself. In fact, I can fulfill the criteria for ALL the personality disorders. And of course I will begin to believe I have them and so must behave and think like I have them. It basically hypnotizing yourself and a self-fulfilling prophecy. Maybe if we keep telling ourselves we don't have social anxiety and are really self-confident it will go away.
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