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Living with Social Anxiety

I'm just wondering how others cope with this, hopefully someone will respond. I'm not going to lie I have really bad ways of coping right now I try my best or I convince myself I do anyway. But I dont truly push myself to overcome certain obstacles. I dont know why it's as if I understand what I need to do and feel as if I'm too insignificant or unable to accomplish almost anything to the point that I feel like simply withdrawing into myself(I suffer from depression as well) even through this loneliness eats me apart when I allow that to be the case. Any thoughts about any of this would be appreciated anyway. I hope everyone else is dealing with their situations well. I find the connection between a lack of self confidence and anxiety around others especially those whose opinions we care about most a strange beast and one that I find myself at odds with constantly. I've never personally liked myself though and social anxiety and KNOWING there were things wrong with me never helped.
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Aw, we're all here for you, and you're not alone. I know I tell that to people on here a lot, but I just really want to remind them that. I feel alone all the time and it's a horrible feeling, but I'm so grateful to have stumbled upon here.

I have tried different things to cope, and I'm not sure if they have helped but I keep trying lol. I was once advised to "fake it until I make it", and I tried it. I thought it worked but it ended up making me feel worse. It would all catch up to me when I get home and I would even get physically ill. What works for me is to balance it out. I try to get out of my comfort zone, but I make sure to do it in small steps. Taking big steps is too shocking and sometimes comes back to bite me in the end. Not taking steps at all just keeps me trapped and doesn't help me grow in any way. Once the small steps become my comfort zone, I take another small step from there. I think the first step is wanting to get better or improve somehow.
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