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Living in apartments

my 1st time

not going anywhere. knew this home'll be my grave/coffin.

special way of communicating:

BANGING/SLAMMING all doors. NOT ME! interior wood, incl. main red entrance/exit door. car door slams reach my ears when in my home.

what class lives here? not a 100, 150, 200+ storey place.

so many high rise of 1970s this town! more added recently last few years. Human population, society... what percentage of human activity? building homes? i missed out! i found laying bricks, playing or watching sport mindless?
from age 4 forever. just all science for me. engineering for me. no place for me. i don't belong on earth.

since 2013 my last ever chance leave home to work. now a resident 24/7

rare get any sleep. proud i usually get out some days, wheels or not.

domestic lifestyle... why banging & thudding all time, all day?
violence? why walls bang? shaking. repetitive bangs of ADHD? severe

worst is resident flux too high! we moved in 2001. sure we made noise with sofa, bed, cabinets, drawer chests, many. i earned money. no so bad. noises never experienced in early years. best mates above and below, met a lot, looking after cats during their holidays...

recent years nobody lasts in here. some have stayed quite a few years since the best bunch moved out. more just make all noises arriving and going. serious back to shell bare brickwork! sewer & drain seen! no swaneck! Stinky! mont, years taken ripping all out. all re-installed. some really do quit and go as soon as 6 months! i handle this stuff well.
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Do you have any nice places to relax there?
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Socializing with myself
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I never had an income before to receive an apartment.

Multi-Agent Quantum AI Computers managing humanity 24/7 using Quantum Cryptography Satellites to run a thought interval to generate cryptographic keys to refresh key information into thoughts to channel the communication 24/7.

NSA Software Engineers computionally remapping buildings, jobs, relationships, wealth, education, and income using bio intelligence system to manage citizens time & events in their own environment.

The real creator gave the programmers restricted technologies.
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How do you afford an apartment if you dont wokr?

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Tbh, i live in a basement apartment
So i hear CONSTANT banging, slamming, and heavy footsteps
Honestly, i just wear headphones all the time
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I lived in a few apartments as a teenager. I'd prefer not to ever live in one again. I'm really not fond of having neighbors within sight let alone in the same building as me.
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Only good thing about it is no grass to cut and no driveway to shovel. We once rented a house of a year or so and that was nice. Renting a house is probably the best of both worlds. I must have cut grass when we were renting that house but I don't remember ever doing it once.

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