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Thank you!

*"Let your freak flag fly..if someone doesn't get you...MOVE ON!" (trying to apply)

*"Should I hesitate as I speak please don't think me preoccupied for words don't come easily when one really cares. And too often I evaluate each word trying to be anyone but myself. And the fear of rejection brings confusion. The confusion brings silence and my heart prays that you might hear my silence - and UNDERSTAND." - Javan
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I agree. However, I do not care what "motivating" posts people are going to chuck at me for saying this, but I cannot control my thoughts as easily as that; that is the nature of social anxiety disorder and all other mental illnesses. I am not saying it is OK to wallow in self pity (because that will undoubtedly not get you anywhere), just that thought patterns are much harder to break than just "snapping out of it".

"You're so mean when you talk about yourself, you are wrong. Change the voices in your head, make them like you instead."-Perfect by P!nk


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This could not be more relevant to my current situation! I had a confrontation yesterday and I keep going over and over it in my head. It's driving me crazy! Thanks for your post!

Larry: I don't know why you call him an a*****e. He's not an a*****e, he's just shy.

Cheryl: No, he's not shy. He thinks he's smarter than everbody else and he sits there and he judges and he-

Larry: No, he doesn't, he's just shy! You've got shy/a*****e confusion, my friend.
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I wish my mind was a computer and I could just uninstall SA via remove programs, if that was possible id be a playboy billionaire philanthropist by now
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must leave the past in the past and try to go stronger in present to the future
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thats a good post. i don't care so much about the past anymore, wat i really worry about is my present and my future....my future is so uncertain. i dunno wat's gonna happen, i dunno if ive made the wrong choices, career wise. yea the past is gone, but the future is still yet to come and its really daunting not knowing wat im gonna do.
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Great Resource

This website has great articles, news and tips on how to overcome anxiety.

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can't remember if i already posted here or not, but anyway... very useful thread.
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So true.. I used to fell down on how I wasted all the "best moments in our life" (High school) hiding away in my world of fear, but as heartbreaking as it is, you cant change the past, so worry about the future
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great thread, we all need to work on this

Behavior but flows from thought as thought flows from belief
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Great thread, and I love the positive, rational message here! What do we have to gain from wallowing in the mud of our past? The situation we're dwelling on is in the past, it's done, it can't be changed, and nobody probably even remembers or gave a second thought to it anyways... holding on to things from the past is a big time-waster. I have better things to do!
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just a boy in a big world
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i am working on getting better people close to me who care help alot
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Agree i always think the "Wat ifs" but sumtimes you gotta say let it go.. Love the post

WasTed DAys & WasTed Night
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Its difficult at times to let go of the little things that don't matter in the end...
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It's hard letting go.
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try it with alcohol. it's working for me. what you need are the right amount of alcohol and determination to be human again even tho i don't like 'normal' human like the rest. But at least, I'm living and breathing. It's not really that sad I tell ya
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This is some wisdom. Easier said than done.

I've been having some really bad thoughts for over a month now that don't leave my brain for long periods of time. I need to reroute my brain.

This is a great post though.
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Thanks alot! I have been constantly thinking about how to fix the past for such a long time, and i have missed so much i think because of that. Leting go just seems so hard.
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I waste my time doing nothing. thinking im gonna need to do alot before its to late in my life but i just keep eating, watching tv, playing games, watching porn, checking facebook and feeling scared about it. And i just get lost into thought in my head. How could I have fixed things what should i do what can I do.
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(General response to most of your guys post)

You just have to try. You have to overcome the fears and try. Most likely nothing will go well after you start trying. People wont like you or worse... people WILL like you. All im asking is that you try and keep trying. Dont give in for the slightest things.

Something WILL happen, as long as you keep trying and keeping pushing. Something will happen.. Just think. Something.. Not the usual routines, not the usual somethings. Something spontaneous will happen. Something that you might not even want to happen. Something you might even hate. But but but. Something will infact happen. All you have to do is try.

Remember.. There would be no such thing as good moments if bad moments didnt exist.

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