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Does anyone else laugh when you get nervous? I laugh when I'm around people I'm less comfortable around and they think I'm wierd for laughing, which makes me more nervous etc.
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Yeah, I kind of giggle. Most of the time, I smile which makes everything uncomfortable because people think I'm being insincere.
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Yes, I laugh too when I'm nervous. Mostly when I'm talking to someone I'm working for and trying to get to like me and can't avoid.

Sometimes I laugh too loud, I overcompensate through laughter for my lack of words.

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I don't do this - I just don't talk or do anything. I think alot of people do this though - laugh or giggle when they're nervous, especially around new people they aren't comfortable with.
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Yeah I do that too, laugh about stuff that's not even really funny when I'm uncomfortable when talking to someone. Only makes me more uncomfortable =/

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Yeah I laugh at the worst times, it really confuses people. If they say something bad, I'll laugh because I don't know what to say. Or I'll laugh really hard at jokes that aren't very funny. I must look like a real goose.

I've actually learned to hide my social discomfort from people by appearing happy. It works fairly well, apart from the above slip-ups, which make people look at me strange.
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Ugh, yes. I've become a sort of 'giggler' and it makes me look like a complete ditz sometimes. Then there's this weird thing I've done for years now where after my sentences I give a slight laugh. I've been more aware of it since someone pointed it out to me back at school (and not in a friendly way). I think it's because I'm nervous about how people will take what I'm saying so I add a light-hearted laugh to the end of it.
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I've been accused of laughing at people. Even though I wasn't at the time, since I don't find their situation funny. I just stay with a smile on my face and since they assume it's all about them.. But I'm not taking pleasure in their misfortune (at least I don't believe I am) I just don't know how to react, so I just smile or maybe half giggle, as though I'm trying to cheer them up. It doesn't work. Lol.
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Kind of off topic, but ugh, I'm always creeped out by my roommates laugh. It's like a "hehe" laugh, ugh, so creeeeeepy.
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