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just some insight

Since I've recovered, I've thought a lot about what separates people with SAD from the real world. You are probably able to see that SAD is practically affecting your whole life, and you may be trying to take things one step at a time and hoping for the best. But regardless of whether or not you attempt to improve your life, deep down do you really feel like you're starting to get to know yourself better, and you're going in the right direction? Of course not. As behaviorism indicates, your issues can't be solved by simply deciding you're ready to move on, because your actions have to do with what's going on in your mind, and you can't change your actions without altering your mind first. That's why I've been telling people that they need to take a huge step into oblivion (by relearning their intuitions,) as scary as it sounds, to find the truth. From what I observe now, my opinion is that people with SAD tend to be fairly intelligent, and I'm not saying that just to get a rise out of you. Frankly, there are people in this world who can't analyze themselves and analyze situations beyond a certain extent, so they don't hesitate to do whatever comes to their mind without even thinking about it. They'll make a fool of themselves because of a sudden emotion they feel, and they won't even consider the consquences. Now, most people aren't like this, of course, but my point is that they act in pretty much the opposite manner as people with SAD. You may get so caught up thinking too hard about doing the right thing or accomplishing some goal or writing analytically and efficiently or being more like certain people that you distract yourself from yourself (Yes, you read that right.) You are overly concerned with the consequences of situations. You're putting pressure on yourself by thinking too much instead of letting things come naturally. Once you let things go naturally (after you get over your period of oblivion,) you'll be able to "feel" the way other people do, rather than lost and removed from your community.

I'm no genious, but I've been through a lot in the past couple of months, and I think I can help people with SAD. Now that I don't have it anymore, I'd rather help people in person (!!), but this works too. The real world is scary, but nothing compared to the one you're living in now.
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That's great insight, and I agree. The real world should be tame compared to the hellishness I'm enduring now with my parent's in this desert wasteland with no oppurtunities. I wish I was better at not procrastinating and taking more structured action to my goals. I do feel totally detached and oblivious to the world since I started hibernation a couple years ago. I am finally taking steps in the right direction and breathing life back into well..my life. I seriously am 'lifeless' right now. I could ramble tons about it but will leave you at that.
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