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job interview tomorrow...

My friend's mother works at my local library, and put in a good word for me there when I sent in my application a few days ago. They called me back immediately the day after I sent it in and the lady I talked with asked me a basic question such as "why do you want to work here?" and I, being caught totally off-guard and not expecting to be asked an interview question this suddenly, somehow managed to pull some kind of decent answer out of thin air that was good enough for her. She then told me basic facts about the job and asked to arrange an interview, and I took Friday as opposed to Thursday because I thought I'd feel better having some extra time to prepare myself.

Well, now the time is almost here, my interview is scheduled for tomorrow morning (technically today) at 11 and it's almost 1 AM where I live. I can't sleep, I already feel sick and shaky and I've been researching how to survive an interview like crazy. I've never had a job interview or a job for that matter before, but I really like the idea of working here because as a Page, I won't be dealing with people that much and I'll be mostly doing my own thing. However, I was informed that during my interview they will test me on the Dewy Decimal system and make me arrange a cart of books in alphabetical/numbered order, and that they will try to trick me to make sure I'm really paying attention. I think this is the part I'm most nervous about because I just got a crash course in this earlier yesterday with the before mentioned friend, seeing as, like most people who have never worked in a library, I didn't know the DDS at all, and I know a little more now but I'm still not sure if I'll be able to do well when under so much pressure from anxiety. I'm extremely nervous and I'm so worried I'll majorly screw something up. How can I go in and nail this interview? I'm super worked up...

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