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Job interview today.

And I'm so nervous. I had a zoom/phonecall interview yesterday for a interview event and I think I did alright, not great, however they gave me a second interview so I guess that's good. Anyway, point is I'm so nervous. It's for a daycare in the one year old room which is my strength because one year olds don't really talk. I'm just panicking and hope they don't ask difficult questions like what is your weakness? I know how to answer that but on the spot I freeze up.
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Good job, and I hope you get it.
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Hope it went well!x

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Eh, it went okay, my voice shook a little and I froze up sort of at some questions. Anyway, I didn't get it.
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That sucks sorry you didn't get it. My voice does that too when I have to talk on a conference call or something.

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If it helps, I bombed and cringe at my first several job interviews. There were some. moments where I was asking myself internally "why in the world did I just say that". All those interviews have helped me get better at my interview skills now. I dont get nervous anymore and focus on selling myself to the company even if it means bull pooping and fluffing some things.

I think this was the big difference back then and now. Back then, I would be nervous and think how do I not appear nervous and answer their questions "right". Now, its more like how can trick these people into hiring me and tell them what they want to hear lol

Also there were plenty of interviews where I really felt I interviewed well and thought I would get the job but didnt hear a peep so I realized what was the point of being nervous. If Im nervous and screw up i wont get the job but also when im not nervous and perform well in the interview and still dont get the job. Might as well not worry so much.

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