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Is this a panic attack?

I have had this happen to me about 4 times this year. My mind seems to be racing, I am thinking negative thoughts, my heart is racing, hands are tingling almost numb, gasping for air, constant crying.

I am in a tunnel and cannot see the light. I just feel like this is it. Can't see anything beyond this.

HAs this happened to anyone?
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Yes thats a panic attack.

Here are some symptoms of a panic attack. You may only have a few of these but its still considered a panic attack.

* Racing or pounding heartbeat or palpitations
* Sweating
* Chest pain/PVCs
* Dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea
* Difficulty breathing (dyspnea)
* Hyperventilation
* Tingling or numbness in the hands, face, feet or mouth (Paresthesia)
* A sudden feeling that everything around the person represents a threat. This can cause a person to either behave extremely defensively (perhaps even assuming the fetal position), or to become enraged and lash out violently.
* The loss of the ability to react logically to oncoming stimuli, and the loss of cognitive ability in general. One suffering from a panic attack will often only feel the attack and will be unable to assess why they are feeling the attack or what they can do to stop the sensation.
* Flushed face and chest
* Chills
* Dream-like sensation or perceptual distortion (derealization)
* Dissociation, or the perception that one is not connected to the body or is disconnected from space and time (depersonalization)
* Terror, or a sense that something unimaginably horrible is about to occur and one is powerless to prevent it
* Vomiting
* Tunnel vision
* Fear of losing control and doing something embarrassing or going crazy
* Fear of dying
* Feeling of impending doom
* Trembling or "shivering"
* Crying
* Heightened senses
* Loud internal dialogue
* Exhaustion
* Vertigo
If your panic attacks get out of control its perfectly legitimate to visit an emergency room. You should really talk to a doctor about it, they may be able to prescribe a benzo for you to take when you think an attack is coming on.
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