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Is she trying to tell me she doesn’t want to be friends?

About five months ago it was my birthday and my former female classmate from college text me to wish me happy birthday, as we usually do to each other.

Usually these messages stop after the “how are you” questions. But this time it’s carried on for five months with chat about all sorts.

In this time we’ve met up once too, which was the first time since college.

The thing is... although the texts from her can be detailed - usually about a paragraph with questions - she never replies more than once a day, and the texts are mostly one/two days apart.

I asked her would she like to meet up again and she said she can’t now as she has no money, but has said we will at some point, although she has been to various other social functions and outings since. But the texts have continued.

Is she trying to ignore me and gently tell me she doesn’t want to be around me? I guess in my mind I’m thinking is she only texting me because she feels it’s the polite thing to do?
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Maybe she is just busy and it takes her a while to respond. Do the same to her don't respond right away. Show her you have other things going and are not just looking at your phone anxiously awaiting her every text.

She may just be being polite. If she is just responded to your texts that could be a possibility. Are you initating conversation or is she?
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Some people reply quickly, others don't - that's fairly normal. It's difficult to tell what someone else is thinking thoughx

Much love <3

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Hey thanks for your replies!

I try to mirror the amount of time it takes for her to reply when I reply.

Over the months it has been a continuous flowing conversation, where I’ve asked questions and so has she to which we have both replied.

Appreciate everyone’s help so far.
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