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Originally Posted by WillYouStopDave View Post
I'm not sure I can explain it any better than I did (but I'll try).

It could be anything. If something is bothering you or worrying you or bringing you down or upsetting you, is online aggression one of the mechanisms by which you attempt to alleviate it?
I only get agressive at things that make me angry already so I don't think so. Maybe some topics could be parts of some coping mechanism, but not the confrontation itself. Unless it's an objective topic like misogyny, violence against women, sexism etc.

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No I hate confrontation, even online. I'll get upset if people don't like what I said, so I tend to carefully word what I write. And if I reread it and think it might offend someone, I'll reword or delete it altogether.

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You tell me
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It was years ago. Now I can't be bothered and I don't get angry nearly as much anyway. My posting online in general has dramatically dropped off in the last 1-2 years and that's probably correlated. Like on youtube, which is basically the only social media platform I still use regularly, I used to comment on posts that pissed me off but now I haven't posted at all in over a year. I feel too ignorant about a lot of things to post, but even on the topics that I think I understand better than most, I still can't be bothered arguing or confronting people on those since a lot of people aren't receptive and aren't able to change their mind when confronted with information (especially once you put them on the defensive, which can be pretty easy, they usually won't concede to anything). It's more like they only change their mind over a long period of conditioning and experiences.
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I like expressing ideas, not really debating them, as often it just amounts to a mud slinging war.
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What!? How dare you accuse me of using confrontation to cope with my insecurities! I'll challenge ANYONE here that I'm not compensating for any deep character flaws!!!
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Sort of...moreso lately than ever before. I have strong opinions about certain topics that I am not afraid to voice. I post on a popular news related site and my outspokenness has earned me one ban already. Trying to be a bit more passive now since they are censoring more and more things and avoiding the real hot topics but doesn’t always work out that way.

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