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is my case called social anxiety?

Hello all,

first im very glad to find such site, it is really helpful and supportive for all.
im having some kind of weird fears, I don't know if this is related to social anxiety or something else.

I started to fear from people, I see them strangers, I started to tell my self that they have different faces and are unfamiliar for me, the looks weird creatures, I become so anxious when I leave the house, thoughts comes into my head starts to say why do people looks like this way, they are weird creatures, with unfamiliar faces, lately I started to think the same about my family, when I look at them I see them looks weird creatures.I'm scared to end up locking myself in the room and shout every moment I wake up...I saw 5 psychiatrists and tried more than 10 medicines, nothing worked, Im always stuck with my OCD thoughts and can't replace them. I think its over for me I will never come over it.

Has any, faced such a problem?
by the way I don't feel scared to talk to them or shy, im just scare from the way they look!
do you think there is a way to overcome this?

I appreciate you all...
thank you,
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If you're JUST scared about the way people look, it could be OCD (maybe?) or something schizotypal.

It could be related to derealisation too.

I'm grasping at straws here, but perhaps I gave you some clues.
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Socializing with myself
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When did you started noticing the way they look?

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