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Originally Posted by Godless1 View Post
You're projecting, for if this statement were true, Facebook and Twitter wouldn't be nearly the behemoths that they are.
Eh, I don't believe it (or at least I don't want to). First of all you have to make a distinction between gossip and mundane details, and you also have to account for the fact that socialites are very adept at pretending to be interested when they aren't.
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Who knows
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Originally Posted by insight girl View Post
I ask a lotta questions about people but usually don't care about the answer...
Thats what I do too.
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poison apple
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I prefer hearing about other people's lives to talking about my own. I don't feel that I'm very interesting, so I always feel awkward when talking about myself.

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I feel bad for not engaging people in conversation, especially when we spend lots of time together. There's just very little interest. I don't even want to talk about my life. Too much work to move those lips.
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i kinda care becuse i dont have a life. its nice to hear about wat other ppl are doing with their lives
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Be your own hero
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I used to think I was just self centered but I REALLY don't care about anyone else's life, unless you're a 90 year old granny with some wise life stories please don't tell me about your life cause you will only bore me.
I mean I'm not living it so why should I care?
It's rare that I actually meet anyone remotely interesting anyway.

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insert witty comment here
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Originally Posted by leonardess View Post
I am VERY much interested in the details of others' lives, just not the details they choose to divulge.
so true
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i aten't dead
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Nah, I like hearing about other people's lives. Everyone's interesting I just feel sooo awkward asking questions.

"we all become what we pretend to be"
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