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Gary 03-17-2009 03:19 PM

improv self-training
heres soemthing Ive been doign for the past year, Im normally a smart guy, but a really lazy one so basically when I go into class I dont really care, I know Ill pass but I never try hard enough to get good grades,so heres somehtign Ive been trying out lately, in classes where theres presentations I just show up without havign rehearsed anything on the topic Im about to talk about, so I just read what Im talkign about and understand it, or I dont read at all.

Basically I show up the presentation day ready to improvise, and man sometimes my brain just freezes because I actually have no idea of what Im about to say, a normal reaction, time has passed and I keep doign this every presentation, whats been happenign is that each time Im gettign better at handling that pressure, anyways I didnt think this would go too far but on friday I got a txt from my friend "JC can you show up at the TV station weve got an interview for our organization"

I had a huge dilemma between showign up or not but I decided to let people be espectators in my life and myself be the player, bottom line I showed up, I was FREAKING out, not literally but I was nervous, anyways I get there theres only me and this friend of mine, there was supposed to be at least 6 people but only 2 showed up, talked to the producers of the show, they said "do the interview anyways" so time passed, interview time, on live tv, we sat there and a cute host was interviewing us, askign about our org and other stuff, again I had no idea what to say, so I just improvised, and it went perfct, I was of course freaking out the whole time (like unexperienced people do) trainign myself to improvise has helped me be a better public speaker

also, talkign on tv is easier than youd think, definetly easier than talking to a huge crowd of liek 100 people even tho thousands are lookign at you, you cant see them and its easier (at least so it seemed)

you guys should come up with lil self-training habits, not as dumb(because Ive gotten bad grades for it) that improve yourself in the long run

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