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plastics 11-14-2020 08:59 PM

I will be getting therapy soon.
I'm waiting for new schedules to open and will be making apt. I'm a little worried that it isn't going to do much for me. I mean, I think it will help to an extent, but the main issues...not having friends, never being liked...I feel like I'll be forever doomed.

Is there anything your therapist has suggested or done that actually helped make friends? Like we're there any groups you joined or anything? I've heard of toastmasters, but it seems like it's for people who already like speaking and just want to get better at it for professional reasons.

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john.myles 11-15-2020 01:11 AM

Hi @plastics

I've had plenty of therapy but not for the specific reason of helping to make new friends, so I can't answer that question, sorry.

What I wanted to say was, due to my personal experience with therapists and counselors, you have to ask them directly/outright about what you'd like from them. So actually ask them, for example, for a list of ways to help you make new friends, or just ask them literally to help you make new friends. Otherwise they might just sit there listening to your problems and grievances, listening very patiently, very unjudgmentally, but not actually give you any practical advice.

Cool Ice Dude55 11-21-2020 03:14 PM

In regards to not having any friends - my therapist and I have explored what makes me nervous around ppl, how it all started and what i can do to counteract it which has been good.

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