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i was a shambles

im feeling awful....bumped in to an old school friend at the supermarket......i tried to evade him by saying cant talk social distancing.....but i got stuck with him......i had absolutely nothing to say for myself.....i practically tripped over myself with awkwardness.....i felt he looked down on me......he picked up on my awkwardness and it got worse

what am i to do in a situation like this.....anyone with advice
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What exactly did he say?
Were you two close back then?
Or do you wish you would be now?

It's perfectly normal to have stranger anxiety or feeling awkward when meeting someone again out of the blue after a long time, especially when not prepared for it or being occupied with something else!

Some people can talk about anything and everything at the push of a button!
Others enjoy a proper conversation in a proper setting and environment.

AND you will never know what others really think about you!
You might even be positively surprised! Some people actually enjoy the company of good listeners and reserved people!

He might have noticed that you are insecure or not self-confident or didn't talk much about yourself! SO!? He didn't run away in disgust but stuck with you!

It's only the truth and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it! People are different and you are who you are!
We come across best, when we don't try to be somebody else!
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You have no obligation to talk to anyone you don't want to talk to. You're an adult now bud. How did you 'get stuck with him'?
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I hate bumping into people at the supermarket, god it's so uncomfortable. I don't want to do any small talk, I just wanna get the food I need and go. I've had some awkward moments too and have dwelled on them. I think just keep in mind that they are probably not giving this a second thought. They interacted with you and moved on. The anxiety is coming from your own thoughts. You did your best with what you could in that particular moment.
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Gladly I don't go to supermarkets or anywhere else often.

Even shy people can be sassy sometimes...
I'll put drunk raccoon in my signature as well, because I CAN...
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How do you stuck with someone when socially distancing?

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