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Most of us are in this boat. I try & try but i just know if i were to get a job i'll become so drained just by the share of anxiety during the days. Of course it gets better eventually but it i just cant seem to be normal. Ive had a job, but thats it, & that was awhile ago.

Like some days ago. Went to the doctor to do some regular check-ups. Have done this for years. But when i went & the doctor started to talk i just sounded so nervous, my voice all shaky & i couldnt even get to ask a simple question that i had thought of before hand. Other than that im also somewhat of a paranoid person. I dont trust people easily at all, for various reasons but im not gonna go in to it, so if i ever had a job id just constantly worry & be so afraid & uncomfortable while not trusting co-workers/employers at all with their underhanded questions, jokes or stuff they do.
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Originally Posted by Openyoureyes View Post
I work at petsmart, petcare. What I do is I forget the fact I have anxiety, ask everyone if they need help. I still of course struggle with talking sometimes, but people don't really look at you weird. You just think that you sound weird or oh you're horrible at your job. But really, I love animals and I love to try to help people so this is my motivation.

Motivate yourself to get that money to use it for yourself to get better. Maybe think of how you can afford a hair cut, or that cute bag. Or wait, yuo can go shopping by yourself and try to find a great outfit to wear around the house or to jog in.

Please get a job, I felt so much better. I got my first job the same day I turned 19. Please...do this for yourself. Lie during the interview on some questions, study, don't make yourself nervous. Don't freak yourself out.=)
that was nice, I also love pets.. thanks for the motivation
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I'm in the same boat as a lot of you. I got laid off last month from my job as a security guard and now I'm drawing unemployment. I liked my job because I didn't deal with many people and the ones that I did deal with were pretty nice. The security company was also really good about working with me and my anxiety and finding posts that wouldn't stress me out. Now I'm paranoid when I do go back to work I won't be able to find a place that accommodating. Oddly enough I handle job interviews just fine. I know how to BS through them. You just tell them what they want to hear basically.
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I started working in a pub, I am so afraid it makes me sick to even think about going in today is Wednesday and I feel sick about going in on Saturday. Its busy because of Christmas and my mam says it will calm down after Christmas but I don't see it happening at all. its my first job ever and the first two days I did went well then it went down hill. I am not sure if its because everyone is great friends in there or what they are all lovely people but I don't feel a bond with them, I feel quite stupid in the job ive read some comments above and do not want to go on any medications because they have made me sick in the past. it makes me cry to think of work I need help. I have never liked nightclubs or pubs so maybe the atmosphere I hate? I'm only picking up empty glasses and serving drinks not making them- I don't even like talking about the job. I cant quit because my uncle tried hard to get me this job.

I also do my work placement in college in hospital and I absolutely love it, I get on with all the staff I work with. of course I do be dying to get home because its a 12 hour shift and a job and who wants to work that long but I cant wait to finish college so that I can get a job.
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