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How to stop procrastinating ?

hello, pls help me this is a real issue, i have a exams, but instead of studying, i play video games, or play with my phone or i study for a short amount of time then stop.

i only begin to study when i have 2 or 3 days left for the exam, fortunately my final exam is after a month,
so i have plenty of time, but i'm afraid i'm gonna waste days until i don't have much time.
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If you figure this out, let me know.

I understand that there is a line of thought that procrastination is a learned time management mechanism. If you have a month to prepare for an exam, then without procrastination you could spend 4 hours a day on preparation for the entire month and be fully prepared. However, if you play some video games, watch some TV, surf the internet and generally do other stuff until 2 or 3 days before the exam and then cram a bunch of hours preparation into getting ready, then what you've done is spend maybe 20-25 hours on exam prep, and then it is fresh on your mind and you've not mis-spent 120 hours in over preparing for the exam.

Over the course of my life, waiting until the urgency of a deadline approaching to get something done usually works out. Is this an effective time management technique? No. Do I feel I will be well prepared? No. Does it usually get me by? Yes.

Doing this has hurt me. I do not recommend it. I'm trying to break this habit as I have more and more things on my plate as time goes by and it seems I end up just putting out fires as one thing or the other becomes an overwhelming issue needing resolution. I've tried to-do lists and schedules and the like, but being rather unorganized and purposefully distractable, it rarely works out.
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Procrastination is your subconscious trying to keep you in the past, for a myriad of reasons... Fear of failure, fear of success, risk taking behavior (let's see if I can succeed even if I do everything at the last minute "), underlying self sabotage mindset that basically wants you to fail, etc etc...

It's important to try and find the underlying mechanisms or problems in your life that give incentive to procrastinate
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