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how many of you are seeing a psychiatrist/therapist to deal with your sa

im seeing one since i was 22 and find it constructive

are you seeing one, do they help, and in what way
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I used to when I was a teenager. Probably somewhere between 14-18 I think. It was CBT initially and EMDR therapy latter. I feel like EMDR therapy helped me the most as it's clear to me that I needed to discuss the 'why' of feeling a certain way and really analyze that in a depth that CBT didn't really provide for me. I needed to work on healing and taking steps forward. It was all exhausting, but it helped me see from a different perceptive and understanding myself better. I saw a psychiatrist for medication from around 16-18 and I personally did not like the meds I was put on. I felt very numbed out and dissociated more frequently.

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Yes...I've seen one for a year. I think it's quite helpful especially having someone to vent to as i have noone in real life to vent to. its helped me emotionally mature alot.

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I've felt like I should start seeing one, but I kind of fear that it would be difficult to interact and explain my problems.

"If you need a safe space, see a therapist" - Jordan Peterson
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No, but eh I won't be able to open up....

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Saw them for years. They gave up on me.

I don't have any more faith in the mental health system. Maybe it helps others but it only made me worse. It's an especially sucky feeling when even the professionals are like "Yeah, you're too broken for us, bye-bye."

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I've seen 3 - 4 therapists and 3 councilors over the past 20 years. Always with longer breaks.
(Yikes! Reading this makes me look like a real nut case!) 🙂

I found the councilors the most helpful and supportive, very kind, open-minded and down to earth.

The therapist were very objective and professional and taught me to try to see sober facts.

I "felt" misunderstood, provoked, annoyed, disappointed, rejected, hurt, exposed, humiliated, exhausted, angry... you name it!

That might not have helped me directly with my challenges in life or with SA but to grow and mature emotionally like Cool Ice Dude put it.

Meds were hardly ever offered to me, never taken any, except some Naturopath stuff.

I can't believe, professionals actually rejecting people and telling them, they are too messed up!

If course, not every therapist and type of therapy is suitable for everyone. And of course there are quacks and xxxholes.

But you have to be open-minded and be willing to critically confront yourself with your inner self and emotions and attitudes!

That p*sses many off! Therapy is no passiv act! Therapists don't have the obligation to provide.
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No, not since my teenage years, but she was a religious quack, though I think I probably should be, they got better here since then.

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I am a very private person, I would never be willing to share my deepest and darkest secrets with a stranger. Even just telling my doctor about my SA took me 10 years to do.
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Was seeing a counselor and a psychiatrist last year before my insurance changed. Think my counselor was probably relieved to be rid of me.

Would rather not see a psychiatrist because I hate pills and they've never helped me. I've only experienced side effects

Have been putting off finding a new one because finding one that takes my insurance confuses and stresses me. Not sure if it is general anxiety but I always keep putting off things I need to do. Now I'm letting covid be an excuse to put things off in my life but I was already putting things off for months before it hit.
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I’ve seen therapists off and on throughout my life for depression mostly. Since I isolate myself, they were the only person I would talk to on a regular basis during certain periods of my life. Venting, and talking about myself and just having someone there to hear and see me was a relief. In real life, I do more of the listening than the talking and feel invisible most of the time so therapy was a way to get some of my needs met. Aside from depression, I didn’t know that I had SA until my mid 20’s so I didn’t really know what to focus on in therapy and therefore what I wanted from it other than relief from my depression. I would like to go back because I think I can get more substantial results now that I know myself better but I haven’t because I don’t have a vetting process to find an effective therapist for me other than making appointments with a bunch of different ones and feeling them out which just seems overwhelming.
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I did 3x 8 session things of CBT, which was only helpful the first time.

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Depends. I had positive meetings over 90% of the time.

The "worst" was one therapist sometimes putting her frustration of the lack of progress on me. Once kind of confronting me as if I was not doing the work. After she left, I never thought of getting "help" again.

Since then, some events lead me to meet another therapist and so far, for a few years, we had a great therapeutic relationship.
I also got the right diagnosis while we discussed. We "discovered" ASD in the process. Anyway, I also got to meet with a psychiatrist, to confirm the diagnosis. The connection was almost instant. She was nice. I wasn't able to get a hold of her in a while. There's a neuropsychologist in the picture since then. Only talked to once, I think she's nice. I hope so. lol

I'm not forced into anything. If it's not help, or you feel it's making you feel worst, I'd say to let it go or speak about it and see if it can be worked around.

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I might have to start seeing someone again - but not for social anxiety. For the bipolar disorder.
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Medication seemed to soften the edge, but I don't like the side effects and the withdrawal. Therapists didn't seem that helpful. I've seen 6 I think. I hate to admit it, but I've also lost faith in the mental health system. Which honestly scares me, because that would be my last resort if everything else goes wrong. For now, the important things for me is to meditate (helps with making meaningful changes in my personality and behavior) and do cardio (sometimes I forget to do this regularly if I'm injured).
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I did for a little while last year. I miss going.
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I started seeing one a few months ago. Not for SA, but for my gender dysphoria, OCD, and (possible) cPTSD. I'm not on any medications because I'm afraid of drugs. So we just talk. I'm not sure if it's helping, because I don't think there's anything she can tell me I haven't already thought of, but it's nice to have someone IRL to talk to because I've never been open about my problems with anyone IRL before.

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Last time I saw a shrink was when I was 18 or 19. Went off and on as a teenager. My mom getting leukemia was the impetus. We had family therapy for a while. Then since I was refusing to go to school they put me in some group therapy with other teenagers. Other than truancy I had nothing in common with them. Most were juvenile delinquents, you know drugs/partying/sex/stealing, etc. I just hid in my room refusing to go to school. So that didn't last long. Tried individual therapy for a bit and that's when they tried prozac on me. Didn't feel any difference.

They'd probably want to put me on anti-depressants again since I'm chronically mildly depressed. I'm never suicidal or severely depressed, so I'd rather not take those. I don't want fake happiness, nor all the side-effects of SSRIs. My life is sucky so I have reason to be grumpy. I'd rather take stimulants since I'm tired all the time and have sleepy attacks. Ideally I need 10 hours of sleep and sleep from 2am to 12pm. But work forces me to get up at 9am which my body fights tooth and nail with. And doing 40 hours a week of work takes what little energy I have.

I don't think talk therapy will do much either. Don't think they can teach me how to make friends or how to make more money. My rotten personality is set and isn't going to change.
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I did in 2014 - cbt (I was only offered 12 weeks of therapy and was then told I'd have to wait six months before applying again and basically never did,) but I don't have the energy to keep trying to get a good therapist and it doesn't seem like you can get one that you can just talk to about everything with or at least not easily.

Bad therapy is basically worse than no therapy so.

What I really don't want to have to do is compartmentalise myself because I do it with everyone in my life, and on this forum most of the time. So yeah.

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I've tried it before but I gave up on it. Maybe it was just me (too paranoid or something) but it felt like they didn't care about me or my issues. I know it works/helps some people but for me it was a waste of time.
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