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I was laid off due to COVID-19 5 12.20%
I am now working from home due to COVID-19 13 31.71%
I am self-isolating due to COVID-19 14 34.15%
A loved one was infected by COVID-19 1 2.44%
I have to wear a mask everywhere I go 23 56.10%
I'm homebound due to COVID-19 16 39.02%
It hasn't affected me at all 5 12.20%
Not sure 0 0%
What is COVID-19? 3 7.32%
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Socializing with myself
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Originally Posted by Tetragammon View Post
I get to work from home on university courses, I am self-isolating, I wear a mask whenever I leave the house and I'm basically homebound.

It sucks that most people are being negatively impacted by the virus but it creates an ideal scenario for an introverted loner like me; I always hated having to actually commute to school, walk around campus and deal with people face-to-face. There are tradeoffs of course, like I don't think online learning works as well for me personally, but I'll take them over the anxiety of being around so many people every day. Now I have the perfect excuse to stay home pretty much all the time, except picking up groceries in the store parking lots for my elderly parents. And I actually like wearing the mask, though it does get hot after too long.

I'm afraid of having to go back to school once the virus subsides, so I'm selfishly hoping it'll last at least another year because I'm almost done with my degree.

My professors keep throwing assignments at me. My professors don't even teach me the materials at all on Zoom. I have to read the textbooks to interpret the meanings on my own for my psychology courses.

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Originally Posted by EmotionlessThug View Post
My professors keep throwing assignments at me. My professors don't even teach me the materials at all on Zoom. I have to read the textbooks to interpret the meanings on my own for my psychology courses.
I know what you mean -- my professors basically only teach half the material. For all of my classes this semester they're trying a "flipped classroom" style but doing it all wrong. Flipped class is supposed to be where you learn the basics on your own and then learn more in-depth, ON THE SAME TOPICS, in lectures. My professors are teaching completely different things in the lectures and the videos, I guess trying to cram in as much as possible. So I basically HAVE to attend 6+ hours of TA hours on Zoom per week for each class which is like doubling the amount of time I spend on Zoom. One of my professors even has her TA's actually do the lecturing sometimes, which is ridiculous because they're not trained for that...

Plus both of my professors are obsessed with "Breakout Rooms" which are a total waste of time in all classes IMO because most students don't actually interact at all -- try to work with them and they'll just say they don't know what to do. Hell, only about half of the students in each of my classes even show up for Zoom lectures. I don't mind interacting online if people will actually put in the effort, but I won't sit there and do all the work myself.

The worst is this really old guy teaching us with the textbook HE WROTE and using this complicated interactive notebook thing, again that HE WROTE, for all the assignments and exams... He's a nice guy but man he goes off on the most random tangents, and his assignments are full of typos and unclear instructions. I really feel like I should have dropped this class at the beginning of the semester...

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I have been working at home since April 2nd. I do have to go in for an hour or two to do stuff I can't do from home but I go in at 5 am to avoid what people that do go in during the day. I started paying for gas at the pump. I never liked to pay with credit and tried to stick with cash but I don't want any contact with anyone as much as I can. The numbers are going up here due to the University students. The public schools have moved online until Oct 12th and the one University announced it would go online until the 9th. I am sure they will probably continue after this because people are ignoring it and the numbers will continue to go up. I got it set up for my father to get his grocery delivered out to his vehicle at Wal-Mart. Since I help him carry in his groceries I think I will just order stuff the same time as he. I have been going to the grocery store that continue to stay open 24 hours, but they are a lot more expensive.

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i go out but i hate it , i want to just stay at home i have a treadmill at home but my partner says i have to go out , my anxiety is really bad worried i,ll catch it and i have OCD so that fun.... not , i rather just stay in the house and be online , play games or watch Netflix and that

if it wasnt for my partner id never leave the house , or see anyone , i just hate being out the house and my cat is here but he is an indoor cat he has the right idea
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I'm not affected at all. I rarely ventured outside before covid happened anyway. In fact I realized when I did go out the house how weird it was seeing all those face masks, I was not used to it at all while the covid pandemic was already going on for months, I simply did not realize it because I live inside my house pretty much 24/7.
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aldehyde dehydrogenaser
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Life went on as normal, except I can barely see my family. My best friendship had already been on the rocks and she requires in person contact as opposed to simply talking over the phone. It's just odd in general.
I had a really tough time adjusting to life with the person I live with, constantly wanting a space of my own. Stressing out and everything. Now things have somewhat settled and I feel less trapped but I do get away on my own for some time once in a while. And see 1 family member per visit. I was never truly on my own until now. I miss my family's cooking. That is all.

Edit: it changes day by day, the amount of loneliness. Maybe I do like humans but i don't? I just want to stand in a place where I'm invisible in a sea of people again. Or at least be pleasantly surprised by a friendly cashier.
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I'm liking it. Less chances of random conversations I have to endure with people I don't really want to talk with. Not that I hate people. The social distancing and masks makes it easier to go places and I've gone further than I expected because of it. When the masks are finally off I know I'll go backwards a little but I'll be ahead of where I was. Just have to let go of the crutch and I don't think it will be hard at all.

The only thing that troubles me is the spike in deaths yesterday. We've had 3-10 deaths a day for months and suddenly 98 in one day. I'm thinking it's some sort of correction of previous errors and not a trend but it's concerning.
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I didn't have much of a social life before, mostly stayed home so that hasn't changed much. Wearing masks when I go out isn't that big of a deal but I have this fear of catching covid or my parents catching it as we are all at a moderate risk. I'm concerned about my future as the government here was bankrupt before and is probably toast now which means I am screwed as I am on government disability. I also don't see the government adding a new drug to it's formulary that I was looking forward to given it's crushing financial situation.

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One positive thing that I get is that I can stop addicted to online games. Because for the past year or so I've been going to the internet cafe every day to play games and I've been spending a lot of money on it. Currently, many internet cafes are closed because it is prohibited by the authorities.

The other is when I wear a mask, my self-confidence feels higher.
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I'm terrified of Covid-19, and I haven't gone out at all. I used to go out shopping at Walmart at night and walk in the park, but I don't do that now. I'm glad Walmart delivers groceries!

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When it first hit, I thought it was a dream come true, but it's a breading ground for social anxiety. It's so important to stay social, otherwise I tend to return to my reclusive nature.While I'm making the most of my time without the need for excuses, I do look forward to the end of the pandemic.
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i dont want to go out anymore had a incident at Tesco's over the lanyards , am so upset about it , cried about it for hours i never want to leave the house again ,
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Walking my dogs is fun
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You know it's been amazing to do the remote activities but sometimes I just get so lonely and so we started a book club online called ‘celebrations of sight and mind’ and it was an amazing thing to see because we were all drinking wine and then I said to my friends of yesteryear I said we have to do this again sometime. I don't wanna drive across the country anymore anyway… but I don't want to wear a mask with you either so let's just wait do it till next year. But right now we can have this pleasant time together using our telecommunication abilities. Amazing times that we all live in today.

I did run out of some of my fav cheeses so I told my skillful shopper pal on Facebook you know what's the best place to get those and he said probably downtown in Corbeil now but you gotta watch out because not everybody is obeying the standard distancing. So I was just saying man you know what we gotta do we gotta push through this together and we gotta keep on avoiding people and I think we can do this.
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You tell me
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I don't think I will know until years down the track and I get more perspective.

But I really hope trump fcks off and gets litigated for the rest of his life and I would like to see him in an interview in 7 years, in jail, in a wheelchair, with a can of oxygen and nose cannula, a wreck of his former self. That would be fab.
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Lots of stress and anxiety. The place I worked at for 15 years and somewhere where I felt comfortable closed down, so forcing me to start all over again. The interviews were stressful, and starting some place new causing anxiety.
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It sux ballz
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For the most part, it hasn’t affected me.

I might have been more inclined to invite people over if it wasn’t for the virus, but most likely, they would be too busy so we wouldn’t see each other anyway.
I might be more likely to go to the cinema though. But maybe not.
I might have been more likely to go to the doctor when I was having some issues earlier this year, I put it off.. nothing life changing.
It could be easier to get to the vet after work hours if it wasn’t for the virus, but it’s still more of an inconvenience.

Both my jobs are pretty safe, with little contact with people, so I haven’t had any issues or lost shifts.

Edit: but I have family on the other side of the border. I would definitely have made some visits. I’m also more careful with my parents. My dad is in the high risk group

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