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Classified 12-28-2009 05:55 PM

How do you talk about the normal stuff we talk about here in real life?
What is the difference between writing stuff on this forum and other places on-line compared to talking about it in real life?

Is it because we don't want people in real life to know who we really are? That we don't want disagreements? That we are afraid of losing friends/family if our views are different? Do we not want to give advice to people we know?

It's not even controversial stuff, even normal things can cause problems. Is it a problem with their non-verbal reactions, or if they talk too much?

I know that I met some people from a different, let's say more liberal, forum at the beginning of the month, but the conversation was about pets and vacations instead of politics or relationships. It is similar to what I am like here, I have no problem being real and honest when I write something here. But how should I work on bringing up topics or things and not shying away from expressing my opinions in real life?

UndercoverAlien 12-28-2009 07:30 PM

Well, believe it or not most people will talk to you about almost anything and they want to express themselves, we're all human. Some people dont like to get into deep conversations unless they know you pretty well, you just have to ease into it and get to know them. As far as people using the internet to talk about their problems and socializing...well the internet is a tool just like a phone. I guess some people use it for the anonymity but in my case its the easiest way to communicate with people that have things in common, sry if i missed the point on that i was little confused by your question.

myhalo123 12-28-2009 07:43 PM

Just make the conversation about them, I've found people love to talk about themselves. Not so interested in other people and their problems.

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